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episode 48: Way Better than Dubbing Wax for Fly Tying

In this episode, I show you my secret dubbing wax for fly tying! Want to make it easy on yourself for every type of dubbing? This is the homemade tool for you. Take a few free or cheap items and create a tool that will last years.


 2023-08-25  12m

episode 206: El Gallo Rooster Fishing at its Best in Baja Mexico

Your host Christian Bacasa speaks with El Gallo owner Donnie Price. El Gallo has world class rooster fishing and is a top destination to get yourself into a rooster of a lifetime. Donnie covers some of the tools and techniques to get a rooster in the boat and off your tic list.


 2023-08-15  52m

episode 47: Cheap and Effective Fly Dryer

In this episode, learn a quick tip for drying your flies. Pins work particularly well for streamer and or salt days. My favorite part is the review and thinking back through the flies that worked.


 2023-08-10  6m

episode 205: How to Have Versatility in Any Region or New Water

Your host Christian Bacasa speaks with Orvis endorsed Brian Hilbert. Brian is a full-time guide with a wealth of knowledge in fly fishing and tying. During this episode, Brian breaks down how to approach new water and have good versatility in any region.


 2023-08-08  52m

episode 39: Three Ways to Get Information on a New Fishing Spot

In this episode, learn a few tricks on how to gather beta or information on new fishing spots and locations. There is a quick fourth tip in there for you too.


 2023-08-08  5m

episode 207: Life as a College Athlete/Fishing Bum and a Cost Effective Way Into Guiding

Your host Christian Bacasa speaks with former linebacker and athlete for the University of Montana Grizzlies, Michael Mathews. His incredible work ethic showed through as he juggled athletics, school, living out of a cold bunk house, and guiding fly fishing. Learn some tips and tricks that allowed him to cost-effectively have fun and get into guiding while simultaneously tackling all the other endeavors.


 2023-08-01  43m

episode 38: Fast and Simple Loop Knot for All Size Flies The Double Overhand

In this episode, learn a trick for quickly tying a simple loop knot. Much faster than a Rapala knot and works great for all kinds of fly patterns.


 2023-07-27  8m

episode 204: Pebble Mine Then and Now and the Tactical Grid Fishing Technique

Your host Christian Bacasa speaks with conservationist and angler Cliff Watson. The former host of the Emerger Podcast takes us on a journey of the past and present state of the Pebble Mine scenario. Lastly, he walks through his fishing grid technique.


 2023-07-25  49m

episode 42: The Fastest Off the Bend Clinch Knot

In this episode, learn the fastest way to tie a clinch knot to the bend of a hook. Stop fumbling around with this simple trick and get your flies in the water.


 2023-07-20  8m

episode 203: Driftless Region History and Spring Creek Stealth Approach Tactics - Mel Hayner

Your host Christian Bacasa speaks with Mel Hayner, the owner, and operator of The Driftless Fly Fishing Company. With over 50 years of experience in fly fishing, Mel is a wealth of knowledge regarding spring creeks and other tactics. He briefly describes the Driftless region and then dives into the tips, tactics, and techniques of fishing spring creeks and the overall Driftless region for trout.


 2023-07-18  50m