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episode 202: Bonefish on Tenkara and the Fishing Triangle for Fish Management - Karen Miller

Your host Christian Bacasa speaks with Karin Miller, the owner and operator of Zen Tenkara. Karin shares how and why she transitioned to the Tenkara rod style—covering techniques for managing fish on that rod style. Then Karin even touches base on how to catch bonefish on Tenkara.


 2023-07-11  50m

episode 39: The Best Dry Dropper Setup When Prospecting for Trout

In this episode, learn the best dry dropper setup when prospecting for trout. The fast and effective technique allows you to change flies quicker than any other method.


 2023-07-06  6m

episode 201: How it Feels to Be a New Guide on High Pressured Water - Zach Lassek

Your host Christian Bacasa speaks with Zach Lassek based out of Park City, Utah. Zach's shares his experience when becoming a new guide on the highly pressured Provo River. Humble beginnings, fear, and much more.


 2023-07-04  57m

episode 41: How To Thread Your Rod Eyelets the Easy Way

In this episode, learn how to thread your rod the easy way. Don't make the common mistakes and instead make it easy on yourself.


 2023-06-29  5m

episode 200: Smallmouth and Musky in the Driftless Region and the Musky Mental Game - Kip Vieth

Your host Christian Bacasa speaks with Kip Vieth of Wild Wood Float Trips based out of Minnesota. Kip's 20+ years of experience targeting trout, musky, and smallmouth in the driftless region is explored and will open your eyes to the quality of fishing in the region. If you are thinking of a location to target multiple species with various techniques to add to your fishing repertoire, then you'll want to listen to this one.


 2023-06-27  58m

episode 40: How to Measure a Fish with Your Net

In this episode, see how I mark up my net to measure fish. Depending on the water and the expected size of the fish, I may alter my approach. Good luck out there with your fly fishing, and enjoy the tip of the week.


 2023-06-22  5m

episode 193: Proficiency in Multiple Styles, Fly Fishing Out of a Boat and Mending - Bill Nolan

Your host Christian Bacasa speaks with PA angler Bill Nolan, Owner and Operator of PA Troutfitters. Bill covers the tips and techniques he uses when covering multiple styles of water and species from a drift boat. This a great episode to tune your skills on fishing from a boat.


 2023-06-20  45m

episode 40: My Favorite Thing to Do After a Long Day on the Water

The Fly Fisherman's Channel is the most extensive collection of fly fishing-specific content on the web! Subscribe and get 10% off your subscription by using code: FFIP10SPRING23 Watch on YouTube In this episode, you get one of my favorite tips after being on the water all day. Take a bath! Yes, a bath will significantly improve your ride to your final destination. It sounds simple, but there are a few tricks I use...


 2023-06-15  5m

episode 198: Veteran Wellness, Targeting Fish at Their Level and Why You Don't Change Flies - Ben Gerloff

Your host Christian Bacasa speaks with veteran Ben Gerloff, a 20+ year angler and guide. He quickly discusses wellness therapy that's helped him and then dives deep into his approach to fly fishing. We finish up the show with a great tip on his nymphing rig.


 2023-06-13  47m

episode 39: How to Get in the Zone with a Small Streamer Fast

In this episode, you learn two ways to quickly add weight to a small streamer so you can get into the zone. You will also learn two speedy knots for attaching your fly extremely fast.


 2023-06-08  6m