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episode 114: Episode One Hundred Fourteen - CLIFFDIVER returns

CLIFFDIVER are back and you're gonna be in trouble! I'm so stoked to bring you today my second episode with one of my favorite bands, this time featuring the new voice, and addition to the band, Briana Wright. She, along with co-vocalist Joey Duffy, are giving us the rundown on their debut album, Exercise Your Demons. We of course hit on bringing a second vocalist to the band and how everything just clicked together with it...


 2022-06-07  1h21m

episode 113: Episode One Hundred Thirteen - Posture & The Grizzly

Today I'm talking to Posture & The Grizzly for the first new episode of Fly On The Call in a hot minute! The band has always flown a bit under the radar, while gathering an extremely dedicated fan base, but they are clear: they're in it for the long haul. We're discussing taking your time to allow music to happen organically, the setbacks, triumphs, and, of course, the process of their self titled LP 3...


 2022-06-02  41m

episode 112: Episode One Hundred Twelve - Pictora Vark

Pictoria Vark's The Parts I Dread is one hell of a debut. Intentional, spacious, and intimate, this bass-centered music doesn't quite have a singular point of comparison - but that just makes it even better. Our conversation hits on this unique space her music fills, using additional instrumentation to further storytelling, balancing her solo work while being a hired bassist for touring bands, and a whole lot more.


 2022-04-14  28m

episode 111: Episode One Hundred Eleven - Proper. returns

Proper. have done it again - they dropped the best album of their career with The Great American Novel. Bringing in issues of identity, race, sex, and life in the 21st century this record is an in your face assessment of Erik Garlington's inner thoughts...


 2022-03-31  58m

episode 110: Episode One Hundred Ten - Brutalligators

For the first of two new episodes today we're hopping over to the UK to talk to Brutalligators. They're a punk band with an edge and a healthy dose of emo, in the vein of PUP, Spanish Love Songs, or Latterman. Their debut LP, This house is too big, this house is too small, is not your average break-up record - it's a cohesive journey through grief, mental health, inclusion, and identity...


 2022-03-31  44m

episode 108: Episode One Hundred Nine - Riverby returns

Absolution, out tomorrow, is an absolute heater and a level-up for Riverby in just about every way. From changes in sonic palette, to a more collaborative process, and working with Jim Wert in the studio Absolution is all about making the music the band wants and making it sound the best it can. We're talking all that as well as accidentally creating a concept album, the plans for the Riverby cinematic universe, and more.


 2022-03-24  37m

episode 108: Episode One Hundred Eight - James Barrett

Today is all about James Barrett's A Series Of... Mostly Nothing. Believe me when I say this album is HUGE. Like room-filling, all-surrounding, epic rock music. We're talking about the creation of this sound, the environment the album was recorded in, throwing yourself fully into your music, and a whole lot more. For the next two weeks there will be new episodes of Fly On The Call on both Wednesday and Thursday so I'll catch you back here tomorrow.


 2022-03-23  50m

episode 107: Episode One Hundred Seven - Jaypitts

Today's conversation is with Jaypitts - the first hip hop artist to come on the show. As a jack of all content trades, he's worked for years to not just create music he is passionate about, but also find an audience who connects with him on a deep level. Whether it's been music, TikTok, YouTube, or any other path, he has sought a way to use it to his benefit...


 2022-03-03  45m

episode 106: Episode One Hundred Six - Raccoon Tour

Raccoon Tour's The Dentonweaver is boisterous, theatrical, and a long time coming. With extensive lore, multiple re-records, and plenty more multimedia storybuilding the in the works, you can tell this is a special project. Today on Fly On The Call we're peeling back the layers on how this album became so time consuming and meticulously crafted, the growth made throughout its creation, and working with label I Surrender Records to shape what it became.


 2022-02-24  52m

episode 105: Episode One Hundred Five - Perennial returns

Perennial returns - both musically and to the podcast! After a grueling wait their sophomore album, In The MIdnight Hour, has finally seen the light of day (or should I say the dark of night?). The episodes delves into how the album has changed since fall of 2019, building their own world, and making a record that isn't limited by any one genre.


 2022-02-17  41m