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What drives people in Europe? How do Europeans lead their lives? What are their views, hopes and fears? Fokus Europa provides the answers: up close, exciting and balanced.

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Sweden: Stepping up the fight against organized crime

Sweden is taking a tougher stance against the rampant violence of organized crime. In 2022, gang violence claimed over 60 lives, the highest toll ever. Both perpetrators and victims are getting younger and younger.


 January 12, 2024  10m

France: Dispute over cooking frog legs

More and more people in France are calling for a ban on cooking frog legs. Thousands of tons are imported each year because catching wild frogs is largely prohibited in the country. A French frog farmer is stepping in.


 January 11, 2024  5m

Britain: ‘Drag Syndrome’

'Drag Syndrome' is Britain’s first collective for drag artists with Down syndrome. On tour for five years, the group has performed on stages worldwide, including the famous Glastonbury Festival and for the fashion magazine, Vogue.


 January 4, 2024  2m

Italy: A village at the end of the world

There is no road to Codera, only 2600 steps of a staircase. A helicopter can also take you to the village with nine inhabitants.


 December 23, 2023  5m

Finland: A sustainable Christmas

Tourists visiting Rovaniemi, Finland, meet an environmentally friendly Santa Claus.


 December 23, 2023  5m

Bosnia: Is coal mining making people sick?

Bosnia generates two-thirds of its electricity from coal. Increasingly, residents around the largest power plant are being diagnosed with cancer, respiratory problems and diabetes. They see a connection.


 December 15, 2023  11m

African refugees flee to Canary Islands

In 2023, around 32 thousand African refugees arrived in the Canary Islands—twice as many as in 2022. Their goal is mainland Europe, but the chances of receiving asylum are slim. And Spanish authorities are overwhelmed.


 December 14, 2023  5m

Illegal firewood threatens forests in Kosovo

The high cost of energy in Kosovo means that more households are heating with firewood. As a result, illegal logging is on the rise. That's devastating to the forest ecosystem — and puts rangers at risk.


 December 11, 2023  5m

Helsinki's 'underground city'

In Helsinki, Finland, a massive network of underground bunkers has been carved into the bedrock to shelter the population in an emergency. Some of the spaces are open to public use, with a pool, play areas, sports facilities and more.


 December 8, 2023  4m

Serbia's election — is change on the horizon?

The opposition coalition in Serbia says President Aleksandar Vucic has fueled a climate of hatred and violence in the country and eroded democracy. They're hoping the December parliamentary elections will bring change.


 December 7, 2023  5m