Focus on WHY

Seeking fulfilment and purpose in your life? The intention of this podcast is to encourage you to focus on your WHY which will enable and empower you to achieve your desires. Creating positive, global ripple effects, guests from all walks of life and at differing stages in their business, career and life speak with podcast host, Amy Rowlinson, sharing their unique perspectives on purpose in relatable, uplifting and inspiring conversations. Have a Purpose. Have a Plan. Focus on WHY.

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episode 403: Recipe for Life with Dajana Paliokaite

Ever wondered how to control your mind and be free to choose positivity? Dajana Paliokaite, founder of Mindset Kitchen, transformed personal tragedy into a passion project combining cooking and deep conversations. Sharing her powerful journey of...



episode 402: Embrace Your Adventure with Jenna Dominique

From broadcast journalism to creating unique adventure retreats, Jenna Dominique’s journey highlights the importance of purposeful living. Reflecting on the transformative effects of motherhood, her struggles with perfectionism and the vital...



episode 401: Apply a Solutionist Perspective with Nicola Peel

Are you feeling disconnected from nature in our tech-driven world? Environmentalist, speaker and solutionist Nicola Peel shares profound insights into rekindling our bond with the Earth. With over two decades of experience in the Ecuadorian Amazon,...



episode 400: Focus on WHY Goosebumps with Amy Rowlinson

What happens when you combine magic with synchronicity and serendipity? You get goosebumps! For this special 400th episode milestone, hosted by Beverley Glick, discover the power of purpose with Amy Rowlinson as she shares her enlightening journey...



episode 399: Reflections with Actions with Amy Rowlinson

After several guest interviews, Amy Rowlinson reflects on each of the individual episodes and focuses in on specific topics pulling on different threads and diving deeper to explore elements that piqued her interest.  In this episode, exploring...


 April 24, 2024  28m

episode 398: Running into Life with Marc Convey

After a life-altering accident, burn survivor Marc Convey defied odds, choosing post-traumatic growth over limitation. Through resilience and healing, Marc discovered the pivotal role self-awareness plays in shaping destinations. Finding contentment...


 April 17, 2024  39m

episode 397: Craft Connection through Comedy with Beth Sherman

Is humour the universal love language of connection? With a flair for comedy, Emmy award-winning comedy writer, comedian and speechwriting consultant Beth Sherman believes it is. Having mastered the immense heart-warming power of humour to create and...


 April 10, 2024  40m

episode 396: Threads of Alignment with Lis Cashin

Are you in a prison of your own making? Are you caught in the pursuit of perfection? From battling undiagnosed PTSD to her transformative path through trauma and the awakening of leadership potential, Lis Cashin navigated life’s complexities with...


 April 3, 2024  34m

episode 395: Build Better Relationships with Sarah Fox

Are contracts your nemesis? Is legalese leaving you lost? With her holistic approach, recovering lawyer Sarah Fox is transforming the way people do business advocating for simplicity and transparency in business agreements. Weaving in learnings from...


 March 27, 2024  39m

episode 394: Reflections with Actions with Amy Rowlinson

After every five guest interviews, Amy Rowlinson reflects on each of the individual episodes and focuses in on specific topics pulling on different threads and diving deeper to explore elements that piqued her interest. In this episode, exploring...


 March 25, 2024  36m