Focus on WHY

Focusing on the importance of WHY, Amy Rowlinson asks her guests to share their WHY - essentially what it is they do and why they do it. The Focus on WHY podcast is a collection of relatable, uplifting and inspiring conversations seeking to inspire you with differing perspectives provided by guests who are at differing stages in their careers, business and life. The intention of this podcast is to encourage you to focus on your WHY, to enable and empower you to achieve your desires.

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012 Believe In Yourself with Dr Zahida Johal

Dr Zahida Johal speaks with Amy Rowlinson about her mission to help with the empowerment of people to feel proud of who they are both inside and out and to help them to look younger for longer. Mental wellbeing is the main topic throughout this...


 2020-05-11  33m

011 Free the Wage Slave with Skye Khilji

Skye Khilji joins Amy Rowlinson to talk about why he travels the world moving from one country to the next each month with a flexible business that can be operated remotely. Skye shares what he was doing before he made the conscious decision to...


 2020-05-08  38m

010 Life Begins Outside Your Comfort Zone with Shannel Bernard

Shannel Bernard joins Amy Rowlinson to discuss her intense focus on changing her status quo. For the first 17 years of her life, Shannel witnessed her mum being physically and mentally abused and she made a pledge that she would take herself and her...


 2020-05-07  31m

009 Create a Better World with Valter Pontes

Valter Pontes, consultant, property investor and entrepreneur, joins Amy to talk about what Valter has done since Amy last interviewed him on The Property Vault Podcast back in November 2019 (Episode 38) and why Valter believes that knowledge is the...


 2020-05-06  30m

008 Get Visible with Anna Parker-Naples

Focus on WHY podcast host, Amy Rowlinson, asks Anna Parker-Naples why is it important to have built a business to help entrepreneurs, coaches, leaders and experts to get visible. From wheelchair to the red carpet of Hollywood, Anna shares her personal...


 2020-05-05  32m

007 Reflections and Observations with Amy Rowlinson

Amy Rowlinson shares her reflections and observations of the recent podcast episodes: 001 WHY? with Amy Rowlinson 002 Stop. Pause. Breathe. Continue with Adrian Brown 003 Now Is Your Time with Jo Akhgar 004 Wheelchair to World Champion with Steve...


 2020-05-03  19m

006 Wise Humanity with Davide Pagnotta

Amy Rowlinson speaks with Davide Pagnotta from Wise Humanity. Discussing practical wisdom tools which can be used to remove the unnecessary complications that people create for themselves in life. Essentially, Davide shares ways of how to live a more...


 2020-05-03  36m

005 The Art of Social Selling with Sam Rathling

In this podcast episode, host Amy Rowlinson speaks with Sam Rathling, Europe’s leading expert on LinkedIn and Social Selling. Sam shares some invaluable top tips on how to use LinkedIn for business. Attract people through the value you give! Content...


 2020-05-01  44m

004 Wheelchair to World Champion with Steve Judge

In this podcast episode, host Amy Rowlinson speaks with International Speaker, World Champion and Author, Steve Judge. Steve shares the many times he picked himself up after being knocked down both mentally and physically enabling him to go from...


 2020-04-30  47m

003 Now Is Your Time with Jo Akhgar

In this podcast episode, host Amy Rowlinson speaks with Jo Akhgar and discover Jo’s favourite word in the English language: passion! She even wrote a dissertation on the word ‘passion’ and now she is building an entire business around it. Jo...


 2020-04-30  40m