Football Ramble

United by their passion for football and an inability to take themselves seriously, Marcus Speller, Jules Breach, Kate Mason, Luke Moore, Vithushan Ehantharajah, Pete Donaldson, Andy Brassell and Jim Campbell are here every weekday to react to the game's big stories.  From the sublime to the ridiculous, the bust-ups to the cock-ups, the Premier League to the Copa Libertadores, the Football Ramble is your definitive guide to the 2021/22 season. Whether you’re a casual fan or a diehard supporter, grab your headphones and join us for the ride.

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The boys take a peek at Pele corner, we ask Marcus where his Humberto went, and we also hear of a novel approach to goalline technology...As usual, for your bits and bobs - for your ramble vids and assor...


 2010-07-02  48m

​'Let's Get It Out Of The Way Then'

The boys deal with 'that match', Luke and Jim go toe-to-toe over the use of goal-line technology, and we hear a great story about a English language teacher with a rather unique approach to international relations.....


 2010-06-28  55m

​Hypocrisy Corner

The boys kneel at the altars of Saint Palermo, and ex-president Bill Clinton. It's like 1998 all over again!  (Palermo scored 38 goals that year, and Clinton...well he scored a lot too.)  It could only be the Football Ramble. pod...


 2010-06-24  40m

'I'm Pavlos, And I Need The Toilet'

This Monday the Rambleclots talk about Steven Gerrard's five-star prison, the French petulance, and Lukey fills us in on the existence of his so-called 'opposite men'.  Baffling.  As always,


 2010-06-21  48m

"Whoever Is Afraid Should Stay At Home"

The Ramblers give you another set of notable quotables from ​El Diego - fresh from his very own corner.  The boys try and buy some tickets from Robbie Earle,  find out what happens in an Indonesian earthquake, and they tackle the burn...


 2010-06-17  48m

Don't Abandon The Little Boys

The Rambleforce pull out all the stops to bring you an extra special World Cup Ramble - all in aid of, where you can find videos, blogs and all kinds of awesome shenanigans.   We've got Dieg-lol M...


 2010-06-14  51m

‘It’s Beef on the Grill Time.'

World Cup fever hits Ramble Town as the boys scan through groups A to H with a fine toothbrush.  If you’d like to find out what the Uruguayan players will be drinking in South Africa, which South American president has been having a sly dig at...


 2010-06-09  1h1m

An Unpleasant War

This week, the Rambleclots manage to predict the England Squad a full two days before the Capellotron 5000 printed out his team sheet; Jim gets dazzled by the NASL once again, and another super sweet (clue) World Cup themed Hall of Famer....


 2010-06-02  52m

The Excavation of Tutankhamun

The Ramble-Pharaohs sit atop their pyramids of chat, taking in some more World Cup squaddage, some fine Champions League final goals, and Marcus has a bit of bother pronouncing Oguchialu Chijioke Onyewu's name. I dare say 'The Gooch...


 2010-05-26  52m

Now Where's That Passport?

The Rambleforce discuss the preliminary World Cup squads, Michael Ballack being merked by a Prince, and there's also special World Cup Hall of Fame entrant. And epic news - we tell you precisely what our plans for the next two months will be. ...


 2010-05-19  1h6m