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Sermons, meditations, and conversations from Foothills Unitarian Church. Featuring Rev. Gretchen Haley, Rev. Sean Neil-Barron, Rev. Elaine Aron-Tenbrink, and special guests!

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episode 374: Deeper Episode Eight: ”What is Essential?”

Revs. Elaine and Sean kick off our Essential series, where we're taking a deep dive together into asking what matters most in this life? What is the essence of being human? In this time with so many distractions and a premium put on staying busy and achi...



episode 373: Deeper Episode Seven: ”I to We” with Rev. Gretchen Haley

This week on the podcast, we invite you to listen in on a sermon on the tensions of individualism and community. You’ll also hear a conversation between Revs. Sean and Gretchen about some of the questions the sermon raises and the heartbreak and the hope...



episode 372: Deeper Episode Six: Transforming grief into growth with two trained birth doulas

Rev. Gretchen speaks with birth doulas Sarah Lopez and Vita Malama about their experiences accompanying people through the birthing process and transforming grief and pain into growth, resilience, and connection with the beauty of life.



episode 371: Deeper Episode Five: Loving our enemies and finding hope with Rev. David Williams

A conversation with Rev. David Williams about the grief and trauma that we are all carrying, loving our enemies, and finding hope in the actions of people combating evil through their lives.



episode 370: Deeper Episode Four: The Evolution of Water Communion with Rev. Kelly Dignan

Rev. Sean talks with fellow Unitarian Universalist Minister Rev. Kelly Dignan about the origin of Water Communion within the women's liberation movement. Plus, a bonus story about a little drop of water with dreams and the essentiality of community work.



episode 369: Deeper Episode Three: Navigating Life‘s Rapids with Rev. Joseph Moore

Interfaith leader Rev. Joseph Moore helps us explore the combination of rage, grief, and goodness in the context of local faith community.


 2021-09-14  36m

episode 368: Deeper Episode Two with Special Guest Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen

Welcome to Episode Two of Deeper, a podcast from Foothills Unitarian Church! In this episode, Rev. Sean talks with special guest Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen about how rage, grief, goodness are showing up in folks' lives today. Rev. Elaine also guides us in a m...


 2021-09-07  41m

episode 367: Deeper Episode One with Special Guest Rev. Karen Hutt

Welcome to Episode One of Deeper, a podcast from Foothills Unitarian Church! In this episode, Rev. Elaine talks with special guest Rev. Karen Hutt about rage, grief, goodness, and being human in the world today, and Rev. Sean guides us in a meditation fo...


 2021-09-02  34m

episode 366: Guided Meditation with Rev. Sean

Drawing on the work of Lama Rod Owens and Viktor Frankl, Rev. Sean guides us in a meditation to get in touch with our anger.


 2021-08-31  10m

episode 365: Reflective Practice with Rev. Elaine

Rev. Elaine offers a reflective practice with four writing prompts,


 2021-08-23  8m