The Foothills Deeper Pod

Sermons, meditations, and conversations from Foothills Unitarian Church. Featuring Rev. Gretchen Haley, Rev. Sean Neil-Barron, Rev. Elaine Aron-Tenbrink, and special guests!

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episode 410: The Deal on Those Days

Last Sunday, Rev. Gretchen Haley delivered a sermon to thousands of Unitarian Universalists worldwide at General Assembly 2022 in Portland. She called on us to remember the power of people, of local churches and of our promises to each other. She invite...


 2022-06-30  1h31m

episode 409: Reproductive Freedom, Sex Education & Liberal Religion

This week is all about reproductive freedom, liberal religion, and sexuality education. Rev. Gretchen Haley, Rev. Elaine Aron-Tenbrink, and Our Whole Lives (OWL) sexuality educator Kelsey DiAstra talk about how reproductive rights intersect with Unitaria...


 2022-06-22  1h4m

episode 408: A Meaning-Full Life

Three Foothills members, Joyce Trujillo, Doug Powell, and Nikki Roe Cropp, shared their stories of finding meaning and purpose. We are humbled by these members' vulnerability, spiritual grounding, and strength, and are so grateful you can hear their stor...


 2022-06-15  39m

episode 407: We Are Not Fixed Beings

Every person contains contradictions and complexities beyond what you might ever imagine. Even you. There are parts of ourselves that lay dormant or emerge at different stages of our lives and can come as a big surprise when they do. One of the gifts of ...


 2022-06-08  39m

episode 406: Embodied Practices for Resilience with Rev. Kelly Dignan

Special guest Rev. Kelly Dignan offers practical tools for finding our resilience when we get thrown off-kilter.


 2022-06-01  31m

episode 405: Living Like Weasels

What is the eagle to your weasel? In this episode, we're talking all about the experience of feeling a call to something new - the experience of taking a big leap into a more authentic life even when saying yes to this new thing feels unbearably awkward ...


 2022-05-25  52m

episode 404: The In-Between Times: Navigating Transition with Rev. Gretchen

Rev. Gretchen Haley explores how to respond to the uncertainty that arises in moments of transition and digs into how focusing on the now and grounding in community can be life-steadying. 


 2022-05-18  27m

episode 403: What We Give Our Children

Rev. Gretchen Haley explores the question of legacy, and our role in passing on our faith and values as if our lives, and our children's lives, depend on it. Because they do.Whether we are parents or not, we all have a part in shaping the next generation...


 2022-05-11  1h0m

episode 402: Why Church?

Rev. Sean explores radical hospitality and how church feeds the part of all of us that yearns to belong in a community - woven through past and present - that holds our whole selves. 6:07 Rev. Sean's sermon26:08 Guided meditation with Rev. Elaine29:03 Ab...


 2022-05-04  35m

episode 401: Be Like Fungi: Earth Seeds and Be More Gay

Rev. Gretchen delivers an Earth Day message inviting us to practice the pause where we can both honor what’s been lost and lean into co-creating a joyful life. 2:31 Rev. Gretchen Haley’s sermon Earth Seeds 20:28 Foothills member Beckie Wagner reflects on...


 2022-04-27  31m