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SciFi - The Chain of Command

Next down the list of Tucker classes, you had your Carnivores, Piscivores, Insectivores, Herbivores, Granivores, Frugivores and Folivores. There also seemed to be some underclasses including Eggsuckers, Milkdrinkers, Slimeslurpers, Bootlickers and Blarghkissers.


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ESSAY - Superman is a Liberal

Now, putting aside the fact that Superman isn’t actually real, I think I can make case for “truth, justice, and the American way” being liberal without simply asserting that, “Facts have a liberal bias so deal with it.”


 2020-11-19  n/a

ESSAY - Unconditional Positive Regard and Getting to Happy

Doesn’t being a happy person beat the alternative? Let’s take a quick look at the field of Positive Psychology, the practice of Unconditional Positive Regard, and Bhutan’s Gros National Happiness Index as an alternative to focusing on an economic Gross Domestic Product.


 2020-11-16  n/a

STORY - I Told You So

When you’ve been married long enough for the children to have all grown up, a couple may feel like their relationship has become static. They know what the other is going to say next. Even saying, “I told you so” seems pointless. And then adventure strikes…


 2020-11-12  n/a

SciFi - A Marriage Made in Heaven

All power generators, and all systems, had gone offline together when the power distribution buss failed. Twenty-four mated pairs of colonists might never know what had happened. But every member of the crew sure did. Dave had happened. And it fell to Dave to save them all… if he could.


 2020-11-09  n/a

 2020-11-05  n/a

ESSAY - My Personal Transformation

I want to get this off my chest. I’m not the same person — or the same kind of person — that I was in the first half of my life. Unremitting stress can break you and, for me, this radical transformation was a doozie. So, here we go.


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