For the Love of Brick: Interviews with LEGO Enthusiasts

For the Love of Brick is a podcast for people, young and old, who love LEGO. Join Greg McDonald, a fellow LEGO enthusiast, as he interviews people from all over the world about their love of LEGO and explores the different ways it features in people's lives. We will meet builders, artists, health workers, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between. For the Love of Brick celebrates people and their unique connections with LEGO. Tune in every fortnight for a new episode.

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episode 13: Alex Johnson - Tips&Bricks

Greg meets with Alex Johnson, a young UK AFOL who is the founder of the popular LEGO blog, Tips&Bricks. Alex shares the humble beginnings of creating this blog in his mid-teens, armed with just a laptop, to how it’s grown into the hugely successful blog it is today. Alex discusses what distinguishes Tips&Bricks apart from other LEGO blogs and gives us a deeper look into the running of the it...


 2020-10-01  1h8m

episode 12: Charbel's LEGO TECHNIC Creations

Greg gets a lesson in LEGO Technic today whilst chatting with Charbel, a young French LEGO Technic builder who creates amazingly detailed cars and gearboxes. Charbel shares with us why he primarily builds with LEGO Technic and some of the challenges of being able to create those perfect shapes and mechanisms. He discusses the process behind building his creations and what car is his dream build...


 2020-09-17  57m

episode 11: Tim Johnson - New Elementary

In today’s episode, Greg chats with Tim Johnson, the creator of New Elementary - a popular website dedicated to discussing LEGO new parts and techniques. Tim discusses how New Elementary started from a small gap he discovered in the LEGO media landscape and how it has evolved over the years to where it is today...


 2020-09-03  54m

episode 10: Derek Tulluck - The Brick Counselor

Greg chats to Derek Tulluck aka The Brick Counselor, an elementary school counselor who uses LEGO in his everyday work. Derek discusses why he incorporates LEGO into his counseling and some of the innovative ways LEGO enhances his sessions. He discusses channeling his experience and passion for LEGO into producing his first brick-based counseling book. Derek also shares how his latest LEGO Ideas proposals were inspired by his love of Disney and Pixar...


 2020-08-20  1h0m

episode 9: Alice Finch and Megan Lum - The Women's Brick Initiative

Greg chats with Megan Lum and Alice Finch from The Women’s Brick Initiative. They discuss how they encourage other females to join the LEGO world, and how The Women’s Brick Initiative creates a supportive space for females to create meaningful connections. Megan and Alice discuss some of the barriers that prevent many women engaging in LEGO more actively...


 2020-08-06  1h4m

episode 8: Simon Liu - Si-MOCs

Greg meets with Simon Liu, a Canadian LEGO builder known for his intricate sci-fi builds. He is one of the organisers for two popular LEGO conventions: BrickWorld, Chicago and Bricks in the Six, Toronto. Simon discusses the many benefits of joining a LUG (Lego User Group) and the importance of community for AFOLs. He also shares a few anecdotes on how he injects fun into his builds and the creative ways of engaging and challenging other LEGO builders...


 2020-07-23  1h27m

episode 7: Kieran Jiwa - LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

Greg speaks with Kieran Jiwa, the Master Model Builder for LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Melbourne, Australia. This episode is a special listen for our LEGO younglings, who tune in with their folks too. Kieran discusses his lifelong journey of working towards achieving his childhood dream and shares his tips about how others can become Master Model Builders themselves. Kieran also talks about what his job involves and the joy of seeing young LEGO fans building their own special LEGO creations...


 2020-07-09  46m

episode 6: James Pegrum - Brick to the Past

Greg chats with UK builder James Pegrum, one of the founders of Brick to the Past – a dedicated group of AFOLs who combine their love of LEGO with their love of history by creating large-scale and historically themed LEGO models. James gives us an insight into the lengthy process the team undertake in creating these amazingly detailed and epic builds, bringing history to life and sharing these pivotal moments in UK history with the wider community...


 2020-06-25  52m

episode 5: Runa Lindblom and Annie O'Reilly

Greg talks with Runa Lindblom and Annie O’Reilly, two LEGO AFOLs whom many Australians will recognize from this year’s LEGO Masters Australia. They share their stories about rediscovering LEGO as adults and how LEGO played a pivotal role in their recovery from their past health conditions. They also discuss today’s growing acceptance of autism in the community and reflect on their own experiences of being autistic women.

You can learn more by checking out their Instagram accounts...


 2020-06-11  37m

episode 4: BrickBros Productions

Greg chats with Matthew and Paul from BrickBrosProductions, two Canadian brothers who produce YouTube videos that combine their love of LEGO and stop-motion. They take us behind the scenes of their videos, from finding inspiration to delving into the technical side of stop-motion and film-making...


 2020-05-28  55m