For the Love of Brick: Interviews with LEGO Enthusiasts

For the Love of Brick is a podcast for people, young and old, who love LEGO. Join Greg McDonald, a fellow LEGO enthusiast, as he interviews people from all over the world about their love of LEGO and explores the different ways it features in people's lives. We will meet builders, artists, health workers, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between. For the Love of Brick celebrates people and their unique connections with LEGO. Tune in every fortnight for a new episode.

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episode 11: Tim Johnson - New Elementary

In today’s episode, Greg chats with Tim Johnson, the creator of New Elementary - a popular website dedicated to discussing LEGO new parts and techniques. Tim discusses how New Elementary started from a small gap he discovered in the LEGO media landscape and how it has evolved over the years to where it is today...


 2020-09-03  54m

episode 12: Charbel's LEGO TECHNIC Creations

Greg gets a lesson in LEGO Technic today whilst chatting with Charbel, a young French LEGO Technic builder who creates amazingly detailed cars and gearboxes. Charbel shares with us why he primarily builds with LEGO Technic and some of the challenges of being able to create those perfect shapes and mechanisms. He discusses the process behind building his creations and what car is his dream build...


 2020-09-17  57m

episode 13: Alex Johnson - Tips&Bricks

Greg meets with Alex Johnson, a young UK AFOL who is the founder of the popular LEGO blog, Tips&Bricks. Alex shares the humble beginnings of creating this blog in his mid-teens, armed with just a laptop, to how it’s grown into the hugely successful blog it is today. Alex discusses what distinguishes Tips&Bricks apart from other LEGO blogs and gives us a deeper look into the running of the it...


 2020-10-01  1h8m

episode 14: Kevin Hinkle

In today’s episode, Greg sits down with Kevin Hinkle, a talented freelance artist who took a twelve-year detour away from his artistic career to work for LEGO Group. He reflects over the early beginnings of his career, earning slightly above the minimum wage in a LEGO store, to eventually working in LEGO community management covering the North, Central and South America. Kevin also discusses his LEGO comic about LEGO fans, ‘Bricks in the Middle’...


 2020-10-15  1h10m

episode 15: Henry Pinto

Greg meets with Henry Pinto, whose official title is LEGO Masters Australia 2019 Champion- one half of the winning team with LEGO partner, Cade Franklin. Henry shares behind-the-scenes stories from the set including how Henry’s building style was initially unsuited for the competition, and how Cade and Henry's building styles luckily complimented each other. Greg and Henry have a serious geek out over mechs, and we learn more about Henry’s techniques for building his popular robots...


 2020-10-29  1h9m

episode 16: Shelly Corbett - photographer

Greg chats with Shelly Corbett, a fine arts photographer who has made a name for herself in toy photography circles, mostly for her stunning LEGO minifig photographs. Shelly shares with Greg some of the ins and outs of toy photography and why people should consider going on a toy photography adventure themselves! She also enlightens Greg with some very useful tips in transitioning from simply taking photos of plastic toys to capturing photos that make your toys feel alive...


 2020-11-12  1h3m

episode 17: Richard Jones - The Rambling Brick

Greg meets up with fellow Melburnian, Richard Jones, the editor and curator of ‘The Rambling Brick’. Richard shares how his unique take on LEGO eventually resulted in the creation of his long form LEGO blog. Richard introduces us to Bill and Mary- two minifigures first featured in the 6000 Ideas book, and shares his extensively researched speculation about their appearances throughout the years! Richard and Greg discuss their shared enthusiasm for the return of in-person AFOL events...


 2020-11-26  58m

episode 18: Loretta Sanford - UNLEASH

Greg chats with Loretta Sanford from UNLEASH (United Network of LEGO Enthusiasts in Senior Housing) – a program that brings the joy of LEGO into the lives of older citizens residing in senior housing. Greg learns about how this innovative program challenges many of the unhelpful assumptions made about older adults’ capabilities and their interests. Loretta also shares the many benefits citizens gain from participating, and how LEGO can be used as a tool to combat bullying in this group...


 2020-12-10  1h5m

episode 19: Christmas Special 2020

In this final episode for 2020, our first ever Christmas Special, we finally learn more about our host, Greg McDonald, and why he thought we needed yet another podcast in this world! We hear from previous guests on how LEGO helped them through 2020, including Greg’s own tale of how LEGO helped him survive self-isolation due to a COVID scare...


 2020-12-24  n/a