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Join co-hosts KT and Oti on their weekly podcast where they share their hot takes and general banter on the latest and iconic movies and tv shows.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h12m. Bisher sind 44 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast


episode 44: It's a Wonderful Life - Ain't odbody loves me better

Prepare for some intense nuzzling and kissing mama on the mouth as we cover the 1946 classic It's a Wonderful Life. Consider supporting...



episode 43: Master of None - Ravi, Ravi, Ravi in a White Man's world

Send those Hi Cuties and serve that pasta because The Sickening is happening with Master of None this week! Patreon shout out to Julio ...



episode 42: Million Dollar Baby - Money in the Swanks

Tighten your boxing gloves and hold onto your feels as we cover Million Dollar Baby. Patreon shout out to ...



episode 41: 300 - Snyder you nor I can deny the pleasure

Grab your shield and meet us in the phalanx as we charge forward with the film 300 this week. If you're looking for more FYR content, w...



episode 40: Power - It Ghost against all logic (with Kolby Told Me)

It is the moment of truth, grab your stick up crew and hop in the Mustang as we cover Power this week. Quid Pro Mo brought to you by ...


 2019-11-12  1h55m

episode 39: The Big Lebowski - A Sobering Glass of Walter (with Filmbusters Ben)

Hold onto your Johnsons and have your dirty underwear ready because we are bowling into The Big Lebowski. As a Tongan, Kenyan and Brito...


 2019-11-05  1h36m

episode 38: Freddy vs Jason - Voorhees a jolly good Freddy!

We hope you've taken a nap because this week we are celebrating Halloween with Freddy vs Jason. Hold onto your Kreugers because no horr...


 2019-10-29  1h12m

episode 37: BONUS - The Wire - A Love Letter to Baltimore (with Why I'm Single)

Take a swig of your Jameson and hold onto your tiny furniture because we have a special bonus episode. Check out our main ...


 2019-10-21  n/a

episode 36: The Wire - No Known A-Bodie

Round up your stick up crew and finish installing that stained glass window because up on The Wire this week. Quid Pro Mo and bonus epi...


 2019-10-15  1h25m

episode 35: Joker - Don't hurt my Pheonix

Grab onto your DC standalone movie and discard any preconceived expectations because we are diving into the 2019 Joker. For the first t...


 2019-10-08  1h9m