Force Ghost Coast to Coast

Force Ghost Coast to Coast is a limited run podcast from Multiversity Comics ( Leading up to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the Multiversity staff takes a look back at Star Wars from all angles - earliest memories of the original trilogy, comic books, video games, the prequels, merchandizing, etc.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h6m. Bisher sind 82 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein zweiwöchentlich erscheinender Podcast

episode 43: Episode XLIII: Lego Star Wars Holiday Special Review

Force Ghost Coast to Coast kicks off the holiday season with the greatest holiday special since...honestly, who knows. Check out our review of the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special.



episode 42: Episode XLII: We Want Stories!

Force Ghost Coast to Coast looks at some neglected characters, settings, and concepts that we feel could and should be fleshed out in future stories.



episode 41: Episode XLI: The Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 1 Recap

Force Ghost Coast to Coast is here with a bonus episode, discussing the first episode of The Mandalorian Season 2!



episode 40: Episode XL: Prequelpalooza Epilogue: The Blackened Mantle

Force Ghost Coast to Coast looks at a fan edit of the prequels, the Blackened Mantle, in Season 3, Episode XL.


 2020-10-23  45m

episode 39: Episode XXXIX: Prequelpalooza, Round Three: Revenge of the Sith

Force Ghost Coast to Coast continues its look at the prequels with a discussion of Revenge of the Sith.


 2020-10-09  1h14m

episode 37: Episode XXXVIII: A Chat with Pixomondo Visual Effects Supervisor Goran Backman

Goran Backman of Pixomondo joins the show to discuss some of the special effects techniques used in Season One of The Mandalorian.


 2020-09-15  25m

episode 37: Episode XXXVII: Prequelpalooza, Round Two: Attack of the Clones

Force Ghost Coast to Coast continues its journey through the prequels with a look back at Attack of the Clones.


 2020-09-10  1h2m

episode 36: Episode XXXVI: Prequelpalooza, Round One: The Phantom Menace

Force Ghost Coast to Coast, once again, attempts to re-evaluate the prequels, starting with 1999's The Phantom Menace.


 2020-08-28  57m

episode 35: Episode XXXV: Episode XXX: Liz Reviews The Clone Wars, Seasons 4 + 5

Force Ghost Coast to Coast recaps the fourth and fifth seasons of the Clone Wars in today's episode.


 2020-08-14  55m

episode 34: Episode XXXIV: Trivia Challenge!

Force Ghost Coast to Coast plays Star Wars trivia - care to join them?


 2020-07-10  55m