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62: Blender

Blender, the absolute powerhouse of FOSS 3d (and increasingly 2d) graphics! We give an overview of the software's history, some personal history of our relationships to the software, what it can do, and where we're excited to see it go!


  • Blender

  • Blender history

  • Grease pencil

  • Some historical Blender videos from the NeoGeo and Not a Number days: Did It, Done It, Not a Number commercial, Come and...


 March 3, 2024  n/a

61: A Textile Historian's Survival Guide

How do you survive in a world that is no longer optimized for making your own clothing when you suddenly find that modern conveniences no longer accommodate you? As a textile historian, Morgan has been ruminating for years about women’s contributions to the domestic economy, the massive time investment of producing clothing for a family, and the comparative properties of different textile fibers. These research interests were informed by a lifetime of sewing and other fiber crafts...


 December 10, 2023  n/a

60: Governance, part 2

Back again with governance... part two! (See also: part one!) Here we talk about some organizations and how they can be seen as "templates" for certain governance archetypes...


 October 1, 2023  40m

59: Governance, part 1

Governance of FOSS projects, a two parter, and this is part one! Here we talk about general considerations applicable to FOSS projects! (And heck, these apply to collaborative free culture projects too!)


  • Why We Need Code of Conducts, and Why They're Not Enough, by Aeva Black
  • Blender Cloud and the Blender Development Fund


 September 1, 2023  47m

58: WebAssembly

WebAssembly! You've probably heard lots about it, but what the heck is it? Is it just for C and Rust programs? Can you write it by hand? (Do you want to?) And wait, how is Spritely getting involved in WebAssembly efforts? Find out!


  • WebAssembly
  • Hoot! (and Hoot announcement, Andy Wingo joining, Robin Templeton joining)
  • Lisp Game Jam - "Wireworld" - Hoot's low level WASM tooling in action
  • Directly compiling Scheme...


 June 16, 2023  24m

57: F-Droid (featuring Sylvia van Os & Hans-Christoph Steiner!)

F-Droid, a repository of free software for your Android devices! Christine interviews F-Droid developers Sylvia van Os and Hans-Christoph Steiner as well as F-Droid board member and chair.....


 May 15, 2023  52m

56: Make your own dehydrated meals

In yet another deep dive into yet another weird hobby of Christine's, we talk about how to make your own dehydrated meals! Why the heck would you want to do this? Well, maybe you want more consistent or dietary needs friendly travel food! Maybe you want to go camping or hiking! Maybe you're sick of deciding what's for lunch and you just want to scoop a cup of meal out of a jar on your desk every day! Maybe you want to weird out your fellow conference-goers as you turn a dry powder into a...


 March 1, 2023  41m

55: Free Soft Wear

Morgan talks about "Free Soft Wear": textile processes under free culture licenses!


  • Morgan's talk about Free Soft Wear at the Creative Freedom Summit

  • Elena of Valhalla’s repository of CC BY-SA sewing patterns

  • Morgan's blog

    • Free Soft Wear index

    • Dice bag and simple skirt tutorials

    • RSI Glove pattern

    • Simple sweater

    • Layered...


 February 1, 2023  37m

54: Oops!

Everyone goofs sometimes. Today we talk accidents... some happy, some not!


  • Decaf coffee and history of penicillin, your pop-sci "accidents of history" stories of the day. Look, this is admittedly kind of a fluff episode.
  • Have we linked to Worse is Better before? We did? In the lisp episode?
  • And here's the Terminal Phase episode


 December 28, 2022  n/a

53: Fediverse reflections while the bird burns

Twitter is burning, and people are flocking to the fediverse. Is the fediverse ready though? How did we get here? Where should we be going? Since Christine is co-author of ActivityPub, the primary protocol used by the fediverse, Morgan decides it's time to get Christine's thoughts recorded and out there.....


 December 1, 2022  n/a