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The Fragmented Podcast is a podcast for Android Developers hosted by Donn Felker and Kaushik Gopal. Our goal is to help you become a better Android Developer. We chat about topics such as Testing, Dependency Injection, Android Patterns and Practices, useful libraries and much more. We will also be interviewing some of the top Android Developers out there. Subscribe now and join us on the journey of being an Android Developer.

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episode 142: 142: Indie development on Android and iOS with Matt Logan

In this episode, we talk to our friend Matt Logan. Matt took some time off and worked on an indie app called Sessions. He built this for both Android and iOS. In this episode we talk to him about his experience building apps on both platforms, techniques,


 2018-11-19  58m

episode 141: 141: Impostor Syndrome

In this mini fragment, Donn and KG talk about Impostor syndrome. Most of us developers are plagued by this. Does this feeling ever go away? How do we deal with this? Listen to this short episode to find out more. Shownotes:


 2018-11-12  34m

episode 140: 140: ProGuard with Jeb Ware

We all know of ProGuard, we want to use it and like it. But let's face it proGuard ain't pretty. In this episode we have Jeb walk us through the magic of ProGuard. We talk to Jeb Ware of American Express. Jeb works as an Android developer and has given s


 2018-11-05  58m

episode 139: 139: Static code analysis with Manu Sridharan

In this episode, Donn and Kaushik talk to Uber's Manu Sridharan on static code analysis. Manu's a badass who did his PhD on the subject! He explains how static code analysis works, how Uber leverages these tools in their app development pipeline and how w


 2018-10-24  39m

episode 138: 138: Decompress - kotlin scripting

In this mini fragment, Donn asks KG about a recent hackathon side project that he worked on with Kotlin scripting. We go into kotlin scripting (using kscript), pros cons, setting it up and more. We've added links some interesting resources, so you want t


 2018-10-15  23m

episode 137: 137: Decompress KISS DRY testing

In this episode, DF and KG decompress. They start off talking about ideas around KISS vs DRY in software engineering. They move on then to talk about a dear topic - functional vs unit testing and then dive into some of the woes of having a testing infrast


 2018-10-04  45m

episode 136: 136: Kotlin Extension Functions

In this fragment episode, Donn talks about Kotlin extension functions. He discusses what they are, how to build them, why they're useful, how to organize them, visibility and how to call them Java and much more.


 2018-09-24  21m

 2018-09-17  8m

episode 134: 134: Get Effective Help with an SSCCE

In this episode, Donn talks about how you can get effective help with your coding problems with an SSCCE - a Simple, Self-Contained, Correct (Compilable), Example.


 2018-08-06  21m

episode 133: 133: Dependency Injection and Service Locators in a Kotlin world with Danny Preussler

A hotly debated topic at the moment is the use of a library like Dagger for dependency injection in the world of Kotlin. In this episode, we talk to Danny Preussler. Danny's a pro who's been around from the Java 1.0 days! He helps trace the history of dep


 2018-07-23  1h10m