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Dharmabytes features bite-sized dharma, three times a week, from the Free Buddhist Audio archives. Themed in conjunction with our weekly full length talk podcast, these are inspiring short extracts from over 5,000 talks on Buddhism, meditation and mindfulness! Tune in, be inspired!


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episode 913: A Buddhist Invitation

What is it that moves you?


 2021-05-17  5m

episode 912: Metta Bhavana as Insight Practice

discusses the Metta Bhavana and the way it is taught in the Triratna system of meditation. Reflecting on the Karaniya Metta Sutta and Buddhaghosha's 5th century text the Visuddhimagga, Bodhidasa explores how this core practice relates to the...


 2021-05-13  9m

episode 911: The Practice of Creating Sangha

This is an exploration by of the distinguishing role of Sangha, spiritual community, in the development and life of the Triratna (formally Western) Buddhist Order, and, in fact, in any kind of Buddhist spiritual life. Saddhaloka here is steady and...


 2021-05-10  9m

episode 910: Sangha is Togetherness

talks about insights gained from traveling in her early life, including realizing she didn’t know how to get along well with others. Some years later, she discovered the Triratna Buddhist Community where friendship is a basic organizing principle...


 2021-05-06  12m

episode 909: Growing Very Deep Roots in the Sky

Going Forth After 50 Years


 2021-05-03  12m

episode 908: Vajrasatva as Blue Sky

With a magician-like quality, introduces us to the pure white Vajrasatva with a talk ranging from Carl Sagan to childhood magic sets, rainbow men in the sky to the moment of death; Jnanavaca offers a vision of reality that transcends time and space....


 2021-04-29  12m

episode 907: The Spiritual Faculties are Embryonic

Creating Supportive Conditions for Wisdom


 2021-04-26  10m

episode 906: Transformation of Experience

Buddhism is Essentially How We Respond to Life


 2021-04-22  11m

episode 905: Diving to the Depths

Let the Poison Be Your Cure


 2021-04-19  12m

episode 904: Meditation and Mantra Recitation of Vajrasattva

Here orientates us to Vajrasattva, the primordial Buddha of Innate Purity. He introduces the Vajrasattva practice as part of the four indispensable preparatory practices (mula-yogas) of the Vajrayana devotee. From the talk entitled , part of the...


 2021-04-15  13m