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A weekly show about politics and liberty, featuring conversations with top scholars, philosophers, historians, economists, and public policy experts. Hosted by Aaron Ross Powell and Trevor Burrus. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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Undoing Drugs (with Maia Szalavitz)

Maia Szalavitz joins the podcast to talk about how harm reduction offers a new way of thinking—one that provides startling insights into behavioral and cultural issues that go far beyond drugs.



America’s War Propaganda (with Chris Coyne and Abby Hall)

Christopher Coyne and Abigail Hall return to the podcast to discuss how military propaganda has targeted Americans since 9/11.



Is Section 230 a Problem? (with Jeff Kosseff)

Jeff Kosseff joins the podcast to discuss why the Section 230 debate is so controversial.



What Happened in Afghanistan (with Sahar Khan)

Sahar Khan joins the podcast to discuss how the withdrawal from Afghanistan was never going to end well whether it happened today, 10 years ago, or 20 years from now.



America's Political Instability

Andy Craig joins the podcast to discuss how the U.S. no longer has a political system where all sides accept that sometimes they will legitimately lose elections.



Don't Do Your Own Research (with Julian Sanchez)

Julian Sanchez joins the podcast to discuss how the spread of misinformation has gotten worse as more & more people conduct their own research.


 2021-09-10  46m

How Covid Changed the School Choice Debate (with Corey DeAngelis)

Corey DeAngelis joins the show to breakdown the school choice debate for us.


 2021-09-03  57m

What's Next for Criminal Justice Reform (with John Pfaff)

John Pfaff joins the show to discuss how crime and policing changed throughout the pandemic.


 2021-08-27  54m

Thinking Philosophically (with Michael Huemer)

Michael Huemer returns to the show to talk about basic philosophical problems in epistemology, metaphysics, and ethics.


 2021-08-20  50m

What is Corporate Social Responsibility? (with Don Boudreaux)

Don Boudreaux joins the podcast to discuss the difference between stakeholder capitalism and shareholder capitalism and how they both relate to corporate responsibility.


 2021-08-13  48m