Friends at the Table

Friends at the Table is an actual play podcast about critical worldbuilding, smart characterization, and fun interaction between good friends. Find us (and a listener guide) @Friends_Table on Twitter.

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PARTIZAN 48: Post Mortem

Hey everyone! Join Austin Walker, Ali Acampora, Keith J. Carberry, Sylvia Clare, Jack de Quidt, Janine Hawkins, Art Martinez-Tebbel, and Andrew Lee Swan as we say farewell to PARTIZAN and answer audience questions! Thank you so much for listening and...



Operation Shackled Sun: Act 3: The Stories Told About the Things We Do

“Why do we travel the Prophet’s Path? This is a question raised yearly at this time, as we prepare for our Pilgrimage. Today, a year before the Millennial Celebration, which risks overshadowing the true answer with the spectacle of anniversary, I...


 2021-01-23  3h18m

PARTIZAN 46: Operation Shackled Sun: Act 2: The Gate

With Kalar and the Figure in Bismuth rescued from the Pact and their apparently game-changing intelligence delivered—albeit cut in two and sent to different people—Millennium Break is ready to confront operation Shackled Sun directly.  As...


 2021-01-15  2h25m

Operation Shackled Sun: Act 1: The Fray

It is the year 1424 of the Perfect Millennium. It is now.  In the chaos-depths of Girandole, the Pact of Necessary Venture is shackling a god to an engine, an engine that would become a star, a star that would consume Partizan. A small sacrifice,...


 2021-01-07  3h0m

See you next year!!

Hello everybody! Instead of an episode, we have an announcement: there's no episode this week or next week! The next Friends at the Table episode will be January 7th, 2021. Our next episode will the first of a three-part finale of PARTIZAN! We'll be...


 2020-12-24  5m

PARTIZAN 44: The Prison at the Top of the World

For generations, the Chasmata family has had an outsized place in the politics of Stel Kesh. Certainly, they were as loyal and stately as any other great house of the self-proclaimed First Stel. But their income, prestige, and reach seemed to exceed...


 2020-12-17  2h7m

PARTIZAN 43: The Tunnels Beneath

Miles to the south of the Chasmata Quarry, AO Rooke loads an artillery shell into cannon. It’s the third to be fired, in a set of 50. He is providing cover, he was told, for the operation’s infiltration unit to get what it was they needed....


 2020-12-11  2h4m

PARTIZAN 42: The Unbreakable Quarry

Buried deep in the records of the Divine Past is a peculiar absence. What is buried beneath the northern pole of Partizan? “The Chasmata Quarry,” says the only public record, “specializes in rare mineral extraction.” Eight words. But other...


 2020-12-04  1h44m

PARTIZAN 41: Orbital Decay

On a map, it would seem as if the Blue Channel and its inhabitants, revolutionaries of the Millennium Break movement, were nearing freedom from the Partizan system. But a map does not show the whole of the picture. For instance, a map would not reveal...


 2020-11-19  1h42m

PARTIZAN 40: Engine Burn

The Blue Channel and its inhabitants have left Partizan behind. And as it grows dim in the distance, they have time to both reflect on the hard path here and plan ahead to what they hope will be a bright future. But before the moon can disappear...


 2020-11-12  1h23m