Friends at the Table

Friends at the Table is an actual play podcast about critical worldbuilding, smart characterization, and fun interaction between good friends. Find us (and a listener guide) @Friends_Table on Twitter.

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PALISADE 49: A Palette of Colors Pt. 4

This episode carries content warnings for death. Another daring mission, another stunning success, and then, once again, the people Palisade breathe out all at once. But these exhalations aren't quite like the old ones. Some breathe deep, looking for...



PALISADE 48: A Palette of Colors Pt. 3

This episode carries content warnings for discussion of enslavement, torture, death, body horror and eye injuries. Across Palisade, a question begins to weave itself through life. Across everyday kitchen conversations, war room arguments, and salon...



PALISADE 47: A Palette of Colors Pt. 2

This episode carries content warnings for discussion of death and self sacrifice. Palisade spins and twirls, coming to terms with its fresh orbit. And on its body, the people begin to adjust too. Finding a moment of space, Blue Channel captain Kalvin...



PALISADE 46: A Palette of Colors Pt. 1

It is the year 1430 of the Perfect Millennium, and in the center of the Milky Way galaxy, Perennial tries to shut out the noise, to focus in on only one place, one voice. But it is too loud on Palisade. This week on PALISADE: A Palette of Colors Pt. 1...



PALISADE 45: Where They Are Pt. 3

As Palisade eases into its new orbit, the people below face a new marker of evening. Yes, the dual moons of Chimera’s Lantern and Travertine remain above them. But now night brings a new absence: Gone are Gift-3 and Seneschal, Altar and Moonlock,...


 April 12, 2024  1h57m

PALISADE 44: Where They Are Pt. 2

With the initial shock of arriving in the Twilight Mirage starting, slowly, to fade, the people of Palisade and the Quire System leap into action. General Tomorrow Mourning turns to the only person she believes can quickly give her the authority to...


 April 6, 2024  1h51m

PALISADE 43: Where They Are Pt. 1

So, with one loud sob, the galaxy shifted. But as with all widespread changes, this one was unevenly distributed. Few places changed as totally as Palisade, once just beyond the edge of the Twilight Mirage, now brought into orbit around the pseudo-sun...


 March 29, 2024  2h16m

PALISADE 42: A Mechanical Whine Pt. 4

This episode carries content warnings for discussion of death, imprisonment, slavery, medical experimentation, and mind control. In the depths of the Temple of the Threshold, a moment passes, a hero dies, and the world begins to change. But Thisbe,...


 March 22, 2024  2h47m

PALISADE 41: A Mechanical Whine Pt. 3

This episode carries content warnings for discussion of death, imprisonment, and slavery. At the center of the Lone Marble Group's main campus stands a corkscrew-shaped building with no name. A sphere slides down its long external groove, serving as...


 March 15, 2024  2h0m

PALISADE 40: A Mechanical Whine Pt. 2

As the tournament to determine the next era of the Altar continues at the Lone Marble Group's headquarters, the Blue Channel's infiltration team finds itself backed into a corner. As they try to push their way forward, their allies in the Temple of...


 March 8, 2024  2h1m