Friends at the Table

Friends at the Table is an actual play podcast about critical worldbuilding, smart characterization, and fun interaction between good friends. Find us (and a listener guide) @Friends_Table on Twitter.

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Autumn in Hieron 16: Those Woods You Chose

Fantasmo (Nick) and Hadrian (Art) find out what it's like inside of a Snow Elf prison. Thorondir (Andrew) discovers that, even after facing down a being ...


 2015-03-06  1h35m

Autumn in Hieron 15: Have You Ever Swung A Sword At A Ghost Before?

Hella (Ali) tests the sharpness of her magic sword, Lem (Jack) tests the limits of a new friendship, Fero (Keith) tests the hardness of the floor, ...


 2015-02-26  1h24m

Autumn in Hieron 14: A Fire Hydrant of Divinity

Austin scrambles to come up with interesting loot, Fantasmo (Nick) tests the limit of his fame and presence, Hadrian (Art) puts his neck on the ...


 2015-02-18  1h22m

Autumn in Hieron: Holiday Special 02: I’ve Killed Monsters

The party had just begun to piece together clues about the mysterious murder in the fields of Velas when a blizzard struck the city. Now, ...


 2015-01-12  3h18m

Autumn in Hieron: Holiday Special 01: I Don’t Know What’s in That Box

In the seaside port of Velas, it is Sun Day, the Long Day, the Day of High Sun, the most holy 20 hours of the ...


 2014-12-24  2h27m

Autumn in Hieron 13: What A Surprise

Lem (Jack) makes a new friend while Hella (Ali) and Fero (Keith) eavesdrop on all the city politics.Featuring: Ali Acampora (@ali_west), Keith J Carberry (@KeithJCarberry), Jack ...


 2014-12-19  1h2m

Autumn in Hieron 12: Knowledge and Ignorance

Thorondir (Andrew) forgets what water is, Hadrian (Art) nearly sacrifices himself for his faith, and Fantasmo (Nick) finally proves that maybe he isn't completely worthless.Featuring ...


 2014-12-12  1h44m

Autumn in Hieron 11: Like Sneaky Little Sneaks

The group comes upon a curious city. Hella (Ali) tries shush her sword, Lem (Jack) catalogues everything, and Fero (Keith) is as quiet as a ...


 2014-12-07  1h38m

Autumn in Hieron 10: Chekhov’s Torture Elf

Hadrian (Art) struggles with divine vocabulary, Thorondir (Andrew) shows off his fancy Ranger skills, and the Great Fantasmo (Nick) explains thee intricacies of magical air ...


 2014-11-21  55m

Autumn in Hieron 09: I’m Not Happy With This Decision At All

This week, Fero (Keith) learns to swim, Lem (Jack) connects with an undead pastry chef, and Hella (Ali) makes a decision that will change the course of our ...


 2014-11-14  1h26m