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A weekly look into the Seattle Sounders FC, nerdy soccer culture, fan outrage, and an attempt to understand the hottest soccer league not funded by foreign royalty, MLS.


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S2E16 - No.1 Fan of the Pod

Sounders are back in Seattle and we burned down an apartment! Not really, but it was close. Seattle faces Atlanta who are playing outside the comfort of Megatron’s Butthole where they haven’t fared too well. Transfer window talk, Cridan Mordan is back, and congrats USWNT who deserve to be the drunkest people ever! Also. sup Brian?



S2E15 - Crystal Pepsi Episode

Seattle Defiance FC are ok at soccer, but not too great at baseball it turns out. To their own demise, they did not take our advice and start Big Boi up top, or start anybody we thought they would for that matter. Off to Columbus to face an angry toddler coaching a bunch of dudes who may or may not have lost their last 6 (or 7) and still employ Gyasi Zardes.



S2E14 - The Roman Torres Experience

Seattle packing up the Young Boi's and sending em to the big city in hopes of some road points. At least one extra "forward" will be available...



S2E13 - Not So Spursy

The Sounders’ designated survivor Alfonso Ocampo-Chavez is the last forward left on the roster, and he’s our only hope as the Sounders host Whitecaps in the Chad Marshall Memorial Cup (He’s not dead, just dead to us). Now that he’s retired, can Gregr borrow his hamstrings for karate? Stefan Frei is amped after seeing Aerosmith in Vegas, let’s hope this weekend, he doesn't "...want to miss a thing.”



S2E12 - Soccer for Giraffes

With a bandana full of their stuff attached to a stick over their shoulder, the Sounders head to Frisco to tell #GiraffeFacts by the campfire and talk about their favorite yokozuna. Fan Outrage returns (and it's amazing), Leerdam puts Besler on spin cycle, and Dallas are hungry for Seattle blood.


 2019-05-29  30m

S2E11 - Curse of the Four C's

Congrats for a legendary career, Chad Marshall. Thanks for sacrificing your body for Seattle week in and week out. Thanks for being our soccer dad, and enjoy all the time you get to be a real dad to your kids, and your grown son traveling on his gap year, Brad Evans. Hope the Sounders didn’t forget their travel toothbrushes for their road trip for LITERALLY THE ENTIRE NEXT MONTH...


 2019-05-22  45m

S210 - Diamond Status

Big pod question: if Brad Bradsmith/Bradsith was a jedi, what color lightsaber would that dude swing? He's been an incredible defender but the dude also rockets in offensive crosses like crazy. Also, MLS - unless your goal is to get everyone diamond status - you need to chill on the cross country schedule! For the second time this season, Sounders FC has three matches in a week including a long trip to Philadelphia over the weekend...


 2019-05-15  18m

S209 - Space Buns

Wait a second...Houston is good? Sounders pick up two new players (#SpaceBuns). Like Bob Ross, Sounders love drawing and are #Warm going into this weekend’s match against Dynamo. Also, someone on the team is pregnant? It’s #DefinitelyNotABaby.


 2019-05-09  35m

S208 - Eyeball Transplants

Partying with MLS DisCo, Cristian Roldan gets the Ted Card, and the whole world goes bonkers. Sounders travel north of the wall this week to see an old Cuban guy who is probably mad at them. Maybe the Rave Green will save money on flights by only fielding 2 players on the bench?


 2019-05-01  40m

Stoppage Time: James Woollard

His is the deep booming voice to whom you've yelled but likely never spoken. He's James Woollard, stadium announcer for Seattle Sounders FC at CenturyLink Field, and he bellows first names to which you celebrate by shouting the corresponding last name each and every time a home goal is scored! There's more to it than that though, his day at the stadium is much longer than ours as fans...


 2019-04-30  44m