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A podcast for developers interested in building great software products. Every episode, Adam Wathan is joined by a guest to talk about everything from product design and user experience to unit testing and system administration.


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episode 21: 21: Chad Pytel - Sticking to your guns

In this episode, Adam talks to Chad Pytel, CEO of thoughtbot. Chad gives tips for balancing client work with internal product work, growing your client-base without compromising your principles, and applying Jobs to be Done to new client projects. This e


 2015-07-07  49m

episode 20: 20: Ian Landsman - Code is not a business

In this episode, Adam talks to Ian Landsman, founder of Userscape and creator of HelpSpot. Ian talks about the biggest mistakes programmers make when trying to start their own business, where to find new ideas, and why your new software product shouldn't


 2015-06-23  1h10m

episode 19: 19: Dave Marshall - Designing Effective Tests

In this episode, Adam talks to Dave Marshall, testing guru and host of That Podcast. Dave talks to Adam about the upcoming Mockery 1.0 release and some interesting API changes destined for 2.0. They also talk about how fakes can improve your tests, fixtur


 2015-06-09  1h10m

episode 18: 18: Katie Cerar - Designing and Prototyping for Clients

In this episode, Adam talks to Katie Cerar, user experience designer at Boltmade. Katie talks to Adam about running a successful kick off meeting, understanding the problems your client is trying to solve, and strategies for getting clients to keep their


 2015-05-27  39m

episode 17: 17: Adam Culp - Maximizing Your Conference Experience

In this episode, Adam talks to Adam Culp, organizer of Sunshine PHP and ZendCon. They talk about how to get into conference speaking, how to make the most of a conference as an attendee, as well as tips for running a great local user group. This episode


 2015-05-12  45m

episode 16: 16: Kent Beck - Tiny Decisions and Emergent Design

In this episode, Adam talks to Kent Beck about Smalltalk vs. Java, low level design vs. big picture architecture, planning for the future vs. emergent design, and applying the principles of Extreme Programming in 2015. This episode is brought to you by H


 2015-05-05  46m

episode 15: 15: Everzet - Classicist and Mockist TDD

In this episode, Adam talks to Konstantin Kudryashov, creator of Behat and BDD Practice Manager at Inviqa. Konstantin and Adam talk about the schools of TDD, how to use test doubles effectively, and common challenges people face when trying to learn TDD.


 2015-04-21  57m

episode 14: 14: Taylor Otwell - Building Envoyer, Laravel 5.1 and Learning to Program

In this episode, Adam talks to Taylor Otwell, creator of Laravel. Taylor gives an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at how Envoyer is architected, and shares some new tips and tricks he's been using to keep his code simple. They also talk about the decision


 2015-04-07  1h1m

episode 13: 13: Phil Sturgeon - Designing and Testing APIs, Go and PHP 7

In this episode, Adam talks to Philip J. Sturgeon about designing and testing APIs at Ride. They also talk about building microservices with Go, and some of the new features coming in PHP 7. This episode is brought to you by Hired.


 2015-04-02  1h14m

episode 12: 12: Jack McDade - Building Photoshoot.io and Getting Stuff Done

In this episode, Adam talks to Jack McDade creator of Statamic, about building his latest project Photoshoot.io. They also talk about how Jack juggles design and development, and how to buckle down and get things done. This episode is brought to you by H


 2015-03-23  49m