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A podcast for developers interested in building great software products. Every episode, Adam Wathan is joined by a guest to talk about everything from product design and user experience to unit testing and system administration.


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episode 11: 11: Jeffrey Way - "But how does it feel?"

In this episode, Adam talks with Jeffrey Way of Laracasts about learning, object oriented design, testing, API usability, and whole bunch of other stuff. This episode is brought to you by Hired.


 2015-03-09  1h7m

episode 10: 10: Type Safety Roundtable with Ryan Tablada and Matt Machuga

In this episode, Adam talks with Ryan Tablada and Matt Machuga about the philosophical differences between programming in a statically typed language vs. a dynamically typed language. They talk about things like explicit interfaces vs. duck typing, functi


 2015-02-23  1h10m

episode 9: 9: David Heinemeier Hansson - Architecture, Patterns and Design

In this episode, Adam talks with David Heinemeier Hansson, partner at Basecamp and creator of Ruby on Rails. They talk about the pursuit of "purity", Domain Driven Design, ActiveRecord vs DataMapper, and developing an eye for "good code".


 2015-02-11  52m

episode 8: 8: Sean Devine - Ember and API first

In this episode, Adam talks with Sean Devine, host of the Ruby on Rails podcast. Sean gives Adam an introduction to building applications with Ember, and how it's different than the way you might sprinkle AngularJS into a mostly server-side app. They talk


 2015-02-01  58m

episode 7: 7: Shawn McCool - BDD and DDD

In this episode, Adam talks with Shawn McCool about Behavior Driven Development and Domain Driven Design. They talk about how you can use these ideas to better understand your clients' needs and to build software that closely models their business. They a


 2015-01-19  1h1m

episode 6: 6: Chris Fidao - Servers for Hackers

In this episode, Adam talks with Chris Fidao of Userscape. They talk about things every web developer should know about server administration, platform-as-a-service vs. self-hosting, Ansible, Docker, and more.


 2015-01-05  42m

episode 5: 5: Ryan Singer - Jobs-to-be-Done and Product Design

In this episode, Adam talks with Ryan Singer of Basecamp about Jobs-to-be-Done thinking, UX, and product design.


 2014-12-19  46m

episode 4: 4: Alex Bilbie - OAuth 2 and API Security

In this episode, Adam gets super technical with Alex Bilbie about the OAuth 2 specification. They talk about the different grant types and what they're each appropriate for, as well as discuss some potential API security strategies for one of Adam's perso


 2014-12-08  56m

episode 3: 3: Matt Machuga - Ruby, PHP, object oriented design, testing and other crap

In this episode, Adam talks with Matt Machuga of Think Through Math about being a Rubyist who still writes PHP and the differences between writing PHP like a Rubyist vs. writing PHP like a Java developer. They also talk about common struggles when learnin


 2014-11-17  1h2m

episode 2: 2: Eric Barnes - Wardrobe, Javascript and Writing

In this episode, Adam talks with Eric Barnes of Userscape about rebuilding WardrobeCMS, trends in Javascript development, and building an audience.


 2014-11-03  39m