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Australia v the climate part 5: a plan for net zero?

The final episode of the series explores the implications of Morrison’s net zero plan and what it means for Cop26 in Glasgow


 2021-10-28  32m

Australia v the climate part 4: fossil fuels

Just how powerful are the fossil fuel lobbies and how have they influenced Australia’s climate policy over the decades?


 2021-10-27  46m

Australia v the climate part 3: Paris and the fall

The Paris conference would prove to be a high point for climate change action but in Australia, hope is shortlived after Scott Morrison takes power


 2021-10-26  58m

Australia v the climate part 2: Copenhagen

Part two explores how the world blew a chance to agree on climate change action at the moment Australia had decided to act


 2021-10-25  46m

Australia v the climate part 1: Kyoto

This is the story of how Australia’s behaviour across decades has made it a climate change outcast. In the first episode we hear how Australia managed to increase its emissions under a climate deal that was supposed to cut them


 2021-10-24  50m

Introducing Saved For Later: Succession, #sponcon and Flex Mami kick off our new lifestyle podcast

In Guardian Australia’s new weekly podcast, lifestyle editor Alyx Gorman, culture editor Steph Harmon and editorial assistant Michael Sun tackle the infinite scroll of the internet – and bring you the best of their tabs.


 2021-10-21  33m

Returning to school in a Delta outbreak

Jane Lee speaks to reporter Cait Kelly and a primary school teacher in Victoria about the risks of returning to school in NSW and Victoria, and what’s being done to make sure classrooms are safe


 2021-10-20  20m

The escape of the Afghanistan women’s football team

Audio producer Ellen Leabeater speaks to the global team of activists, lawyers, politicians and footballers who banded together to evacuate the athletes and bring them to Australia


 2021-10-19  41m

How easy is it to fake a Covid-19 vaccination certificate?

Laura Murphy-Oates speaks to software engineer Richard Nelson and reporter Josh Taylor about the key flaw that’s undermining Australia’s Covid-19 vaccine verification system


 2021-10-18  16m

Ecstasy, LSD and magic mushrooms: are these drugs the future of therapy?

Scientists treating depression and a range of other mental illnesses have been running controlled trials using MDMA and psychedelic drugs such as LSD and the results have been encouraging


 2021-10-17  27m