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FULL The Show by Tina Brinkley Potts is a mission to help people start the day FULL - Full of Life, Full of Purpose, Full of Vitality! This show is also the home of the 30 Day Prosperity Challenge. If you truly believe everything you need is inside of you, this show is for you. We will explore topics like law of attraction, vibration and most importantly GRIT. Coming from a family that was functionally illiterate, I've been able to help people transform their lives from nothing (and many times less than nothing ) to a life of joy, abundance and money. I truly have one desire - to be happy, healthy, whole and RICH and I want that for you too. As a business strategist, author and success coach, I've noticed many people are waiting for others to give them permission to live out loud! It's time to live your way! If there is a show topic you would like to hear or to suggest a guest, email topics@tinabrinkleypotts.com


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Who Are You Playing For?

In this episode of FULL, Tina Brinkley Potts talks about the difference in playing for God (Source, Spirit, Allah, All That Is) and playing for other people. Have you received an idea out of the blue and then let someone talk you out of it? Most likely, this was your Source bringing something to your attention. Learn to listen to the signs. Join the Create Your Own Economy group for support http://bit...


 2017-06-26  21m

Creating A Warrior Spirit

Are you ready to control your happiness? Does everyone have control of your mood? Does world events get you down? If this is you, please listen to this episode. It's time that you start living in joy. Let's start by creating a warrior spirit.


 2016-11-14  24m

If People Could See What You Think, You Would Change It

We don't understand that people can really see what we think. We think we can "fake it until we make it" while our thoughts are filled with anxieties and fears. Then those anxieties and fears come knocking on your door. In this episode, Tina Brinkley Potts will help you understand the disservice you are doing to yourself when you don't learn to master your thoughts. It's time to work on your mind just as much as you work on your body.


 2016-08-18  19m

My Sh*t Stinks And Your Sh*t Does Too

When I was younger, the older people had a saying "You think your sh*t don't stink." Now I really understand what it means. This episode is especially for all of us (I'm including me) out there that have had to put on pretenses or have become a know-it-all. Hopefully this episode will help you understand your mess can be your message. This is a must listen. Don't forget to leave a review and join us in the Facebook group Create Your Own Economy http://bit.ly/TBPCYOE


 2016-08-09  21m

When Manifestations Disappear

In this episode of FULL, Tina Brinkley Potts talks about when manifestations disappear. This episode was a topic submitted by a client that had the feeling everything is right there but never seems to come in full fruition. She felt as though a small part of it would show up, but then never really materialize as she was hoping. This was the perfect opportunity to share about two clients that are accountability partners that had the same issue. This is an eye opening episode...


 2016-08-08  33m

Day 30 Ignite 30 Day Prosperity Challenge

This is day 30 of the Ignite 30 day prosperity challenge. If you want more abundance, money and prosperity in your life, listen to this challenge. In day 30, Tina Brinkley Potts talks about the little things. If you want the BIG things to show up, watch the little things in your day. No matter how great you may look on the outside, you can't fake it until you make it. It's time to know the difference. If you want to change your reality in as little as 30 days, listen to this episode


 2016-08-07  25m

Day 29 Ignite 30 Day Prosperity Challenge

This is Day 29 of the Ignite 30 Day Prosperity Challenge. The Ignite 30 Day Prosperity Challenge will help you attract more money, more abundance and more prosperity in your life Day 29 is about all of the things you are doing to yourself to keep yourself from getting exactly what you want in this life (Notice the word YOURSELF) It's time for you to accept that the power is yours and yours alone and it is time to JUST DO IT (thank you Nike for the best slogan EVER)...


 2016-07-10  17m

Day 28 Ignite 30 Day Prosperity Challenge

This is day 28 of the Ignite 30 Day Challenge. The Ignite 30 Day Challenge will help you attract more prosperity, more abundance and more money in your life. Day 28 is about daily rituals. What daily rituals do you have in place so that you are in the right frame of mind to see the opportunities around you?


 2016-06-09  22m

Muhammad Ali & Prince - Lessons From The Greatest of All Time

This episode is about Muhammad Ali and Prince. These two men are definitely the greatest of all time. Not necessarily for the accomplishments in boxing or in music, but how they decided to SHOW UP no matter what. While many people celebrate them today, each of them have had people that didn't like their views because they decided to go against status quo. Funny, they were once viewed as troublemakers. Maybe it's time for you to be a troublemaker. I believe it's time for me too...


 2016-06-08  14m

Day 27 Ignite 30 Day Prosperity Challenge

This is day 27 of the Ignite 30 Day Prosperity Challenge. The Ignite 30 Day Prosperity Challenge will help you attract more prosperity, more abundance and more money in your life. Day 27 is about planting seeds. If you want a beautiful garden, you plant seeds and nurture them with water. What seeds are you planting to increase your prosperity? Are you watering them? If you want the worksheets that go with this prosperity challenge, sign up here http://bit.ly/IgniteProsperity


 2016-06-08  21m