Fumbling and Mumbling

Delta Farce is a group of roleplayers who are -mostly- based in Cardiff in the UK. The players are Ben, Fiona, Stephen and (broadcasting from Calgary) Matthew. Fumbling and Mumbling is an actual play podcast of our roleplaying sessions. At least initially we will be playing Dungeon World. An awesome roleplaying game ... which none of us have ever actually played. Learn to love Dungeon World and other roleplaying games alongside us! Please be aware that, although the vast majority of the podcast is clean, there may occasionally be some very minor swearing.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 53m. Bisher sind 9 Folge(n) erschienen. Alle zwei Wochen gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 7 hours 59 minutes


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Dungeon World – Episode 6

In which our heroes investigate some strange attacks on the outskirts of the woods. That’s right folks, we’re not actually dead and we’re finally back after a lengthy hiatus. We actually have plenty of raw audio so the fault lies entire


 2016-10-16  45m

7th Sea, 2nd Edition, Quickstart – Episode 3

And so we conclude our adventures in Theah (for the time being). The trio (and their companions) attend a masquerade, socialise, show off some fancy footwork and then engage in a deadly duel! The Kickstarter has exceed $1 million, it is far and beyond th


 2016-03-13  59m

7th Sea, 2nd Edition, Quickstart – Episode 2

Continuing from our previous 7th Sea escapades… the happy couple (along with the bride to be’s brother) make their escape and begin making preparations for a triumphant return (maybe?). The Kickstarter is going strong, get in while you still


 2016-02-27  1h0m

7th Sea, 2nd Edition, Quickstart – Episode 1

A short departure from Dungeon World (don’t worry, we will be going back to our ongoing campaign soon). Matthew takes a break from portraying Ruidor in order to run a quickstart one shot session of 7th Sea, 2nd Edition (which is currently on Kickst


 2016-02-22  56m

Dungeon World – Episode 5

In which our heroes head to town for some rest and relaxation. What’s this? Can it be episode 5? It is! With apologies to all for the delay. Audio editing is more time consuming than I anticipated (especially with our group’s lack of discipli


 2016-02-01  53m

Dungeon World – Episode 4

In which our heroes deal with a series of ever more dangerous traps. This version has the theme music but no introduction narration (that’s probably a blessing in disguise) and no credits. In lieu of that… We would be unbelievably grateful fo


 2015-12-09  45m

Dungeon World – Episode 3

In which our heroes venture deeper into the buried temple and start to uncover the secrets within. Episode 3 Ruins, Animated Episode 3 Ruins, Non-Animated


 2015-11-23  39m

Dungeon World – Episode 2

In which our heroes fend off an ambush by vole people and venture into an ancient ruin.


 2015-11-09  46m

Dungeon World – Episode 1

In which our heroes begin their first game of Dungeon World, this session is primarily character and world development.


 2015-10-26  1h13m
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