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episode 336: A Gruesome Cure for Consumption

Some New Englanders in the 1800s believed that tuberculosis symptoms were caused by the dead.


 2021-03-22  33m

episode 335: Transporting Obelisks

In the 1800s, France, England, and the United States each undertook to move a massive Egyptian obelisk.


 2021-03-15  32m

episode 334: Eugene Bullard

The first Black American military pilot led a stunning career in wartime France.


 2021-03-08  33m

episode 333: Stranded in the Kimberley

In 1932, two German airmen became stranded in northwestern Australia.


 2021-02-22  33m

episode 332: Princess Caraboo

In 1817, a young woman claiming to be a kidnapped Eastern princess appeared in the English village of Almondsbury.


 2021-02-15  30m

episode 331: The Starvation Doctor

Linda Burfield Hazzard's "fasting cure" killed multiple patients in the early 20th century.


 2021-02-08  31m

episode 330: The Abernathy Boys

In the early 1900s, two young brothers made several daring trips across the United States.


 2021-02-01  33m

episode 329: The Cock Lane Ghost

In London in 1762, a ghost accused a man of murder.


 2021-01-25  30m

episode 328: A Canine Prisoner of War

In 1944, an English pointer gave heart to an Allied prison camp in Sumatra.


 2021-01-18  30m

episode 327: The Misplaced Tourist

In 1977, a German tourist spent three days in Bangor, Maine, thinking it was San Francisco.


 2021-01-11  29m