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Forgotten stories from the pages of history. Join us for surprising and curious tales from the past and challenge yourself with our lateral thinking puzzles.


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episode 34: Spring-Heeled Jack -- A Victorian Supervillain

Newspapers report a fire-breathing demon bounding impressively about southern England in the 19th century.


 2014-11-17  37m

episode 33: Death and Robert Todd Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln's son Robert was connected with three different presidential assassinations.


 2014-11-10  35m

episode 32: The Wow! Signal

In August 1977 an Ohio radio telescope received a signal that appeared to have been sent by an alien intelligence.


 2014-11-03  30m

episode 31: Pigs on Trial

Why did medieval courts prosecute cows, bulls, horses, and weevils for crimes ranging from criminal damage to murder?


 2014-10-27  30m

episode 30: The Oak Island Money Pit

Nova Scotia's Oak Island has become famous as the site of a vast treasure that no one has been able to unearth.


 2014-10-20  33m

episode 29: The Mystery of Kaspar Hauser

In 1828 a 16-year-old boy appeared in Nuremberg, claiming that he'd spent his entire life alone in a dark cell.


 2014-10-06  37m

episode 28: The Real-Life Sherlock Holmes

The famous fictional detective was inspired by a real-life medical lecturer who taught Arthur Conan Doyle at the University of Edinburgh.


 2014-09-29  32m

episode 27: The Man Who Volunteered for Auschwitz

Polish army captain Witold Pilecki is the only person to enter the concentration camp at Auschwitz voluntarily.


 2014-09-22  33m

episode 26: A Practical Joke on a Grand Scale

In November 1810 one of the most elaborate practical jokes of all time unfolded in an innocent London street.


 2014-09-15  31m

episode 25: An Australian Enigma

A well-dressed corpse appeared on a South Australian beach in 1948 -- and has been baffling investigators for 66 years.


 2014-09-08  29m