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Invasion of the Home Drone

This week, we talk about everything Google announced this week, plus Amazon's crazy flying surveillance drone.


 2020-10-02  32m

The TikTok Dance

This week, we discuss how the fight over the app might shape US tech policy and US-China relations for years to come.


 2020-09-25  27m

Apple Bundles Up

This week, we break down Apple’s latest announcements, from the new hardware to its push into bundles and home workouts.


 2020-09-18  34m

Introducing In Vogue: The 1990s

A new docuseries from Vogue about how the 90s sparked a cultural fusion where no one was exempt from fashion.


 2020-09-17  2m

Connected Cardio

This week, we look at the latest gear from Peloton and discuss whether we’re ever going back to the gym.


 2020-09-11  34m

Tech the Vote

This week, we discuss the security of mail-in voting (very good) and future of online ballots in the US (very unlikely).


 2020-09-04  35m

Alexa, Play My Alibi

This week, we discuss the growing trend of data from smart speakers and other connected devices being used to solve crimes.


 2020-08-28  33m

Let’s Talk About Texts

This week, we discuss the ins and outs of encrypted messaging apps and videochat services.


 2020-08-21  32m

The Foldable Future

This week, we look at the Microsoft Surface Duo and wonder if an expensive, dual-screen device like this one feels relevant, or just needlessly extravagant.


 2020-08-14  30m

We Love Cheap Phones

This week, we discuss the growing trend of mid-range smartphones, why they’re good, and why they’re bad.


 2020-08-07  36m