Gagmen RPG Podcast

Helping Game-Masters one adventure at a time. A group of writers/game-masters/players creating adventure modules for various role-playing games. Each episode has a few laughs but stays close to the story and works to give game-masters a few extra ideas to add to their own games.

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episode 77: The Royal Ass

Taking a donkey through a swamp.


 2019-08-12  42m

episode 76: Episode 76 - Attack on Castle Zimzar

Nature is run amok and the players have to go fishing.


 2018-07-22  29m

episode 76: Attack on Castle Zimzar

Fighting through a castle inside a goldfish bowl


 2018-07-07  29m

episode 75: Sheep for Elves

Elves in sheep clothing


 2017-12-21  31m

episode 75: Episode 75 - Sheep for Elves

Elves disguised as sheep try to infiltrate a Dwarven stronghold.


 2017-12-16  31m

Episode 74 - Birds and the Bees

What starts off as a simple job of kulling a few bees turns into an all out battle with the forces of nature. Zomb-bees attacking, dire-woodpeckers attacking, and a giant crazy spider slinging spells at you the whole time. Plus, there is just the cra...


 2017-03-26  44m

Episode 73 - Like Cats and Dogs

A dog, running a brothel, needs your groups help to transform him back to a human and get things back in order. Too bad an old druid cult left a bunch of transformation statues all over the place. In the meantime the Gagmen waste time speculating ove...


 2017-03-11  58m

episode 72: Pigs in Trees

Dwarves herding pigs in tree houses


 2017-02-07  40m

Episode 72 - Pigs in Trees!

The adventuring party comes across a dwarven town set in the trees of a forest and a deadly dungeon filled with pig-monsters. Will there be bad puns made about bushes? Can pigs and frogs mate? Is there really a need for asking these questions? Prob...


 2017-02-02  40m

Episode 71 - Snakes on the Brain

A young boy is poisoned by a snake that has laid eggs in his brain. The party must go fight a crapload of Lizardlings to get the mothers milk in order to save him. Plus all the other normal dumb stuff we do.


 2017-01-21  48m