Gagmen RPG Podcast

Helping Game-Masters one adventure at a time. A group of writers/game-masters/players creating adventure modules for various role-playing games. Each episode has a few laughs but stays close to the story and works to give game-masters a few extra ideas to add to their own games.

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Episode 71 - Snakes on the Brain

A young boy is poisoned by a snake that has laid eggs in his brain. The party must go fight a crapload of Lizardlings to get the mothers milk in order to save him. Plus all the other normal dumb stuff we do.


 2017-01-21  48m

Episode 70 - A Victorious Christmas

We tricked Mike and Liz Stewart back on the show and pounded out a Christmas adventure for the Victorious RPG. Prepare for undermining dinosaurs, intelligent trees, a discussion of poop, and lots of semantics about the English language. We would love...


 2016-12-07  1h1m

Episode 69 - Attack of the Turkeys

A small middle American town is having B-Movie monster problems and it is up the party to solve the problem. See Monsters! See Mayhem! Listen to three guys come up with dumb b-movie titles for an entire episode. Happy Turkey Day Everyone!


 2016-11-06  45m

Episode 68 - Knowing Jack

A troublesome imp, named Jack, needs to be taken care of and the party are the people to take care of the job. Yes another escort mission, but this time it's Halloween so... just go with it, okay. We waste a lot of time talking about the US election,...


 2016-10-19  45m

Episode 67 - Mushroom Mariachi

A group of traveling Mariachi players are dragging their fallen band member and being chased by the cavalry. Do you help them? Or, more importantly how many snakes can you fit into a monetary? When does a mushroom become racist? Or, is this the las...


 2016-09-29  48m

Episode 66 - The Mud-Dead

The town of Cenotaph is being overrun with mud covered dead returning to attack the town and steal emeralds. Meanwhile the Gagmen waste a lot of time gabbing about DC movies and making fun of Batman. So, stuff happens.


 2016-09-09  48m

Episode 65 - GagMen Go To The Movies

Let's face it, the summer movie line up has been disappointing over the years and now the Gagmen are getting their chance to disappoint you too. The crew talks about the movies that are inspired by the elements of story. An episode talking about our ...


 2016-08-25  53m

Episode 64 - The Giant Train Robbery

A giantess robs a train and unleashes hell. A new adventure to add to the Tex-Mex Fantasy world that the Gagmen have been working on all summer. Lots of laughs, probably too many, and many derailing conversations. The Gagmen have a new sponsor and t...


 2016-08-06  56m

Episode 63 - Mustache Mine in the Sky

On a cloud flying high overhead is a grand mustache mine, only to be dug out by the most efficient of kobold miners. When spiders come pestering the miners they have to call on the party to roll up their newspapers and get to work. Lots of jokes abou...


 2016-07-25  55m

Episode 62 - The Cassarole that Ate the Eldritch County Rodeo

Continuing on to Perdition Pass, the party comes upon the Eldritch County Rodeo, with all the dinosaurs we can eat. To sum up: as in the title a casserole goes nuts and attacks the rodeo and the party needs to help defend the town. The Gagmen are exp...


 2016-07-09  52m