Gagmen RPG Podcast

Helping Game-Masters one adventure at a time. A group of writers/game-masters/players creating adventure modules for various role-playing games. Each episode has a few laughs but stays close to the story and works to give game-masters a few extra ideas to add to their own games.

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Episode 61 - Cowboy Cthulhu

The Gagmen, minus Dave, take on the Eldritch Gods to play happy cowboys. A wagon train is heading across the plains only to get attacked by orc natives, but did the orcs do it or are they just to be blamed to distract us from other guilty parties? Mo...


 2016-06-21  51m

Episode 60 - Wood For Sheep

A town with a serious wolf problem calls in the players to commit wolf-icide. Meanwhile the local cattle ranchers are being bullied by sheep ranchers, you know that old story. All too much innuendo from the Gagmen, for those of you with a weak stomac...


 2016-05-20  43m

Episode 59 - Stone Knives and Bearskins

A shipment from an archeological dig crashes into Brattleburg during an art festival. Cave-Dwarves crash the party and everyone has to come to terms with what is good art. The Gagmen get a wild hair and try to cram a Monopoly game into D&D. Will it ...


 2016-05-05  1h6m

Episode 58 - Zimzar's Zpectacular Zoo

A traveling zoo comes to town and all the animals escape. Who is Zimzar? Why one of the greatest gnomish hucksters around. And what creatures have escaped? Well, we are still trying to figure that one out, but lets just say it gets messy. Plus, we ...


 2016-04-20  58m

Episode 57 - Population Zero

The party finds an empty dwarven town that is constantly under attack and a strange sorceress shows up to help. Things get weird, but what is new there.


 2016-04-05  53m

Episode 56 - Tomb of Howwows Part B

DM Mike and DM Liz return for part B of the Tomb of Horrors. This time we actually are talking about the Gagmen version of the classic adventure. A power mad duck with the partial powers of a lich has taken over the Tomb and this time it's ridiculous...


 2016-03-22  1h11m

Episode 55 - Tomb of Horrors Part 1

In a staggeringly foolish attempt at rewriting the classic Tomb of Horrors, the Gagmen recruit Mike and Liz from Save or Die. This episode recounts the ideas behind the classic adventure while taking side trips to some silly and serious subjects. It ...


 2016-03-09  1h4m

Episode 54 - Goblinopolis

A metropolitan city run by Goblins hires the party to help clear out their rat problems. Things get a little steam punk and the rats are not as they seem. Meanwhile the Gagmen waste time talking about Hitler, burial, and primate genitalia.


 2016-02-27  55m

Episode 53 - A-Holes From Outerspace

Who are these people that live next door and why is their dog always floating over and peeing on my law? This episode gets a little 'race-y' as the Gagmen attack a storyline of aliens in your neighborhood.


 2016-02-17  38m

Episode 52 - Wigging Out

It is a new year and pretty much the same old Gagmen, back to talk about politics, television shows, and wigs. Sure we love wigs. So it is a little short, but what it lacks in length it makes up in personality. The town of Wigport is bothered by a l...


 2016-01-28  45m