Gagmen RPG Podcast

Helping Game-Masters one adventure at a time. A group of writers/game-masters/players creating adventure modules for various role-playing games. Each episode has a few laughs but stays close to the story and works to give game-masters a few extra ideas to add to their own games.

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episode 12: Mazes & Mutants

We try out a suggestion from Reddit, and lose Dave in the process. Michael takes us on an exploration of a skyscraper full of confusion and traps, while deciding if we should be on drugs. Michael has us fighting Elmo, James starts leaning into being the...


 2014-03-13  51m

episode 13: The Secret of Donagel Bay

The adventure is set on the island inside Donagel Bay, where the children have started disappearing because of a mysterious figure known only as Mister Rocker. Will Michael ever get the name right? Will the Gagmen reenact a radio talk show? Will there...


 2014-04-12  1h1m

episode 14: The Devil Comes to Swan Gultch

What do Godzilla, Back to the Future, and River Boat Gamblers have in common? Nothing! The GagMen take on a classic western story of a quirky little town in Utah, Swan Gulch. A town with a regular robbery and one heck of a sheriff, putting the heroes in...


 2014-04-19  59m

episode 16: Digital Gods

By popular demand the Gagmen have taken a flying leap... into Star Frontiers. We come up with a little story with religious robots, weird space slugs, and space pirates. Can your characters get off the base filled with this insanity, or are you doomed...


 2014-05-09  1h0m

episode 17: Gagmen Make a Change of Hobbit

Listen in with our guest, The Kitchen Overlord aka Chris-Rachael Oseland, as we fling ideas around for a Hobbit style adventure. With many references to food, food, food! Did we mention food? Also, there is the food, and I suppose we could talk a little...


 2014-05-21  1h8m

episode 18: Going Bananas

Finally, an episode with monkeys, bananas, monkeys, witch-doctors, monkeys, liches, and did we mention the monkeys. Face off against the king of the Aracno-Apes, in the Gagmens' latest jungle fantasy adventure. Listen along as we repeatedly reference...


 2014-06-05  1h4m

episode 19: An Unexpected Review

The Gagmen review "The Legerdemain Betrayers" by Daniel Chan, a dark world with a modern setting. Magic hidden from the normal people for a reason, but not from the Gagmen. James, Mike, and Corbett give a short show reviewing the game.


 2014-06-15  22m

episode 21: Hare and Gone

Driving a herd of rabbits across country.


 2014-08-12  47m

episode 22: Tiny Dungeon Interview

The Gagmen are talking with Brandon McFadden of Smoking Salamander Games, the makers of Tiny Dungeon. A spanking new Kickstarter for a rules light fantasy role-playing game. Just remember it isn't the size of the game, it is how you use it.


 2014-08-26  42m

episode 23: The Gherkin Pirates

With Talk Like a Pirate Day coming up, the Gagmen are in a pickle of a situation to put out a pirate adventure. Special guest Brandon McFadden of the Tiny Dungeon Kickstarter helps out, and pickles all around. Learn lessons like, genocide is impolite...


 2014-09-02  52m