Gagmen RPG Podcast

Helping Game-Masters one adventure at a time. A group of writers/game-masters/players creating adventure modules for various role-playing games. Each episode has a few laughs but stays close to the story and works to give game-masters a few extra ideas to add to their own games.

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episode 39: The Mosquito-Men of Mars

A second installment in the Adventures of the Atomic Rangers. This time the rangers travel to Mars and are caught in a space storm, forcing them to crash into the moon Phobos and fight off the terrible Phobosian Lizards. Then they must face to dangerous...


 2015-05-07  59m

episode 41: Grateful D&D

A mad traveling wizard, steals away the children of a town. There are dancing bears, skeletons, and tie-dyed goblins. It is an adventure from Michael Thomas from Icarus Tours talking up Dungeon World and his Grateful Dead based adventure idea.


 2015-07-06  54m

episode 42: Cool As Hell

A heat wave strikes Brattleburg and the heroes are called in to get a new source of ice. To get the ice the party is going to travel to another plane, filled with ice and demons. Make sure to bring back the ice and hold the demons. Also, don't go near...


 2015-07-16  55m

episode 43: A Time Police Action

Jeffrey Webb, from the Old Dragoon's Blog, joins the Gagmen to help hammer out a trippy adventure. The party finds themselves in "The Devils Playground", and meet up with a fire team from the Vietnam War. Too bad the army squad brought a nuke to the...


 2015-07-31  51m

episode 44: Death to the Volcano God

The town of Spinbury is a utopia and that is a problem for some people. There is turmoil between the power of the church and the state. The party is hired to hunt down a local bandit that is disrupting the flow of crops and the collective safety of the...


 2015-08-14  55m

episode 45: Dead on Arrival

The heroes are invited along to help out a famous dragon slayer in an epic duel with an ancient dragon. The only problem is after he promises the town that you and he would vanquish the dragon he died. Looks like you and your party will need to take on...


 2015-08-29  47m

episode 46: Everybody was Spell Brawling

A town with a magic school starts having difficulties and everyone is blaming the students. Meanwhile a wild ostrich is on the loose and no one is safe. Plus the Gagmen get into the delicate details of how to milk a chicken. All this and more!


 2015-09-11  56m

episode 47: Dinosaurs with Rayguns

An intergalactic goon-squad of dinosaurs have crash landed in a fantasy world and enslaved a village of Lizardmen. Can the heroes stop such powerful creatures? Are dinosaurs from outer space even believable? James sure doesn't think so. Either way it is...


 2015-09-30  52m

episode 48: The Coffee Zombie Castle Caper

You are marooned on a tropical island full of zombies and the only sure way to avoid being attacked by zombies is to become one. This fantasy Halloween adventure takes place on a cursed island that all the inhabitants have turned into zombies. With no...


 2015-12-13  48m

episode 49: Fungus Among Us

The party is hired to protect a colony of sentient ants, floating on water, from a cave full of aggressive fungus. Expect lots of drug related jokes, because ... come on... mushrooms! While the gagmen toil away to bring you this trippy mushroom-filled...


 2015-11-05  41m