Geek History Lesson

Enter your mind university! Educating you about the fictional history of a pop culture character each week! Hosts Jason Inman & Ashley Victoria Robinson will break down the history of film, TV and comic book characters! Every episode will include: deep dives, intriguing discussions and character impressions! Welcome to your Geek History Lesson! You'll geek out, laugh and learn!

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episode 10: Jon Snow

Journey to the land of Westeros, and learn about the bastard of Winterfell known as Jon Snow. Don't worry! We only cover Jon's history up to the end of season 3 so viewers of the show can pleasantly enjoy this podcast. So let's go north of the wall as ...


 2014-04-15  51m

episode 9: True Detective Season One

Two detectives search Louisiana for the killer known as the Yellow King. True Detective was the HBO series that encaptured millions of viewers, and now it's time to learn its secrets. Find out what clues you missed, and our predictions for the storylin...


 2014-04-08  59m

episode 8: Winter Soldier

Meet Captain America's new enemy, the mysterious figure know as the Winter Soldier. But what secret connection does the Winter Soldier have to Captain America's past? It's time to get pariotic on this podcast learn all the secrets of the Winter Soldier...


 2014-04-01  47m

episode 7: Teen Wolf

It once was a Michael J. Fox movie, and now its a hit show on MTV! We're here to tell you all the nitty, gritty, and furry details about Teen Wolf. Spoilers for all three seasons of the show obviously. So sit back and enjoy as Ashley and Jason begin t...


 2014-03-25  48m

episode 6: Divergent

It's the next big movie based on a book about a girl in the future fighting against her circumstances, and no, its not the Hunger Games! Come with us to the future as we dive into Divergent! So sit back and enjoy as Ashley and Jason begin their lesson...


 2014-03-17  46m

episode 5: Lex Luthor

He's tried for years to kill Superman, but where did supervillain Lex Luthor first get that grudge? We'll go back to his beginnings in Smallville or Suicide Slum depending on which version of DC continuity you currently read. Let's go to Metropolis and...


 2014-03-11  47m

episode 4: Loki

He's been the major villain of three Marvel movies, but how much do we really know about Marvel's Loki? Learn what makes him tick, hear about his crazy schemes, and discover his affinity for sex changes. Transport yourself to a mystical realm and disco...


 2014-03-04  52m

episode 3: Deathstroke

Slade Wilson is popping up everywhere! He's the villain of Arrow on CW, he terrorizes the kids of Teen Titans, and he's a boss in Batman Arkham Origins. But where did he get all those mad ninja skills so he can fight in three different mediums at once?...


 2014-02-25  46m

episode 2: Ms. Marvel

Many women have been called Ms. Marvel. Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan are just two women who have harnessed the cosmic power. With the launch of Ms. Marvel #1, we thought it was time to peel back the mask of Ms. Marvel, and learn all her secrets. Inclu...


 2014-02-18  36m

episode 1: Robocop

Only one man can protect Detroit, and that man is not a man, he's a robo . . . cop! With a new remake on the horizon, we look back at the original Robocop, and download all his OCP secrets. It's your listen, creep.  So sit back and enjoy as Ashley and...


 2014-02-11  43m