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We're ALL geeks about something, so embrace your inner geek! Join your "Mental Curator" Johnny Hemberger each week as we explore our many, many exhibits of geekdom in an open, fun, and heartfelt way!YouTube! and much more!

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Mixed bag of geekery! My golf swing, tinkering with charging non-rechargeable batteries, and more!

All over the map this the best way. I should mention real quick...DON'T go charging non-rechargeable batteries can get seriously hurt!



Will we get a new Oculus Quest this year? And MUCH more! | 216

I ponder whether or not we'll actually get a new Oculus Quest 2 Pro or 3 this year and explore my custom arcade machine. I also discuss why some of us are geeks about classic cars. Be sure to SEE this awesome podcast on YouTube!...



My Oculus VR conundrum. Quest 2 or wait for Quest 2 Pro/Quest 3 announcement? | 215

I'm not just jonesin' for an Oculus Quest 2 because it's cool, it would actually work MUCH better with my setup. But should I wait to see what Zuck announces in October?



Solar panel tinkering, radio behind-the-scenes, Twister OS on Pi 4, and Geekin' Tabs! | 214

Covering a bit of ground on this week's podcast! I'm tinkering with my solar panels, I go into some behind-the-scenes radio wizardry, I'm awaiting a new SBC, Geekin' Tabs, and much more!


 2021-09-08  39m

Geeking out at Braes Resale Shop with Ryan Kreipe & the secret to sourcing retro-tech | 213

I sit down and talk with Ryan Kreipe who runs Braes Resale Shop in Houston, TX. We talk about the fascinating things that have come through the shop, how you can help the less fortunate, and of course...we geek out a bit :)


 2021-08-30  39m

"Geekin' Tabs" and RCA 77DX ribbon mic update | 212

The final verdict on using my vintage RCA 77DX ribbon microphone and introducing a new segment called "Geekin' Tabs"!


 2021-08-25  39m

Steam Deck, GPD Win Max 2021, Solar Game Boy Pocket, and much more | 211

Lot's to talk about in this episode, including thoughts on the Steam Deck vs other gaming handhelds!


 2021-08-17  39m

Things we may notice about other countries/cultures with guest Daniel S | 210

Daniel Ssssss joins me again to have a surprisingly authentic conversation about how we can perceive other cultures


 2021-07-21  39m

Nintendo Switch OLED: Who is it for? | 209

The Nintendo Switch OLED is a must-buy ONLY if you're a very specific buyer...just my 2 cents


 2021-07-15  39m

My plans for the "Ultimate Game Boy Pocket" | 208

I've got a huge (small) tinker in the works which will hopefully manifest as the best Game Boy Pocket in the world :)


 2021-07-07  39m