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We're ALL geeks about something, so embrace your inner geek! Join your "Mental Curator" Johnny Hemberger each week as we explore our many, many exhibits of geekdom in an open, fun, and heartfelt way!YouTube! and much more!

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The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is FINALLY up and more important than we may realize | 244

I have a sordid relationship with the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). It was originally set to launch as early as 2007 an we endured 15 years of crying wolf launch dates since then...but it is finally up and sending back images. I feel comfortable...



Is my show different than others? Also, DJI Mini 3 Pro & GPD Win Max 2 (briefly) | 243

This week I vamp a bit on the ideology an execution of how I make my show before I briefly (sorry) touch on my new DJI Mini 3 Pro and how I have officially crowdfunded the GPD Win Max 2.


 2022-07-07  39m

My experience owning an EV for 2 years so far. Facts and myths | 242

I have owned a 2017 Chevy Bolt for nearly two years. Here is the reality of EV ownership.


 2022-06-29  39m

I'm actually excited about a new has E-Ink! Also, Susie is real and she's in-studio! | 241

When I'm naughty on-air, I always apologize to my mother-in-law Susie...and today she is here in studio (segment 4)! But first, lets talk about why I'm actually geeking out over a smartphone for probably the first time ever! The Hisense A9 with E-Ink...


 2022-06-16  39m

Why Stranger Things 4 is virtually perfect in nearly every way... | 240

From writing to sound design, here's all the reasons I think Stranger Things 4 is probably not only better than the first season, but possibly one of the best cinematic pieces of all time. Bump music by Artificial...


 2022-06-03  39m

Electronic Parts Outlet (EPO), Geek Thearpy'ing myself, and my drone decisions | 239

Little fireside chat with my podcast family and friends, then I talk about my favorite store in Houston (Electronic Parts Outlet), and then my toss up drone conundrum between the Mini 3 Pro and the Mavic 3. Hmmm... Asaf's video...


 2022-05-20  39m

Jonathan Morrison (@tldtoday) and I discuss pro audio, music, and real-talk... | 237

At last, Jonathan Morrison (@tldtoday) joins the show to talk with me about pro-audio, audio engineering, music, and we get real about dealing with the highs and lows of life Email:...


 2022-05-05  1h5m

The Delorean EV won't be their ONLY product, here's why... | 236

Why would Delorean being hiring 450 designers, engineers, and executives for only ONE car? They probably aren't.


 2022-04-22  39m

My adventures installing a SSD in an old 233Mhz Dell Latitude :) | 235

I've been tinkering with another "bridge" device, an old Dell Latitude CP MX233XT with 128MB RAM, 2MB video, and a 233Mhz Pentium with MMX. It's been...adventurous. Email me:


 2022-04-15  39m

What is my "dream" emulation handheld? | 234

Basically a PS Vita running Android with 4G/5G Data AND voice for regular phone calls! But let's talk about emulation handhelds in general first... GPD XP Plus


 2022-04-01  39m