Genetics Unzipped

From Mendel's peas to personal genome sequencing, Genetics Unzipped brings you stories from the world of genes, genomes and DNA. In association with The Genetics Society.

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episode 16: Genetics by Numbers

We discover the stories of the double helix, triplet code and Punnett square


 2019-06-20  26m

episode 15: Up The Garden Path

Getting lost in the Valley of Hybridisation


 2019-06-06  22m

episode 14: The Seeds of a Great Idea

How William Bateson brought Mendel to Britain


 2019-05-23  19m

episode 13: The Zero Dollar Genome

Geneticist George Church reveals his plan to slash the cost of personal genome sequencing


 2019-05-09  34m

episode 12: Strands of life

We're on the case of the missing human chromosomes


 2019-04-25  27m

episode 11: Darwin vs Mendel

What might have happened if Darwin had met Mendel?


 2019-04-11  31m

episode 10: Not 'just the wife'

The overlooked stories of women in genetics


 2019-03-28  31m

episode 9: Chimps, cancer genes and missing kids

A very special interview with one of the world's leading geneticists, Mary-Claire King


 2019-03-14  32m

episode 8: Getting ready for genomic medicine

Genomic medicine is coming into the NHS, but what it means for everyone working in the health service?


 2019-03-04  35m

episode 7: 007 - Supermodels of Science

We’re entering the glamorous world of modelling, meeting the supermodels of science.


 2019-02-28  19m