Genetics Unzipped

From Mendel's peas to personal genome sequencing, Genetics Unzipped brings you stories from the world of genes, genomes and DNA. In association with The Genetics Society.

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episode 5: 005 - Vegetable soup

A delicious blend of chunky onion genomes, GM tomatoes and Mendelian peas


 2019-01-31  19m

episode 4: 004 - Witness the fitness

From beautiful butterflies to streetwise birds, we find out how evolution shapes species


 2019-01-17  32m

episode 3: 003 - Hunting Huntington's, Nobel viruses and spidergoats

We’re hunting down Huntington’s disease, discovering why viruses are so important for geneticists, and chasing the science behind spidergoats.


 2019-01-03  27m

episode 2: 002 - Behind the scenes at the Christmas Lectures

Alice Roberts and Aoife McLysaght ask the question 'Who am I?'


 2018-12-20  32m

episode 1: 001 - Get unzipped!

Welcome to Genetics Unzipped


 2018-12-12  5m