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Looking back on FOSS4G:UK Local 2022

Nick Bearman and Kevin Williams, two of the organisers of the recent FOSS4G:UK 2022, join Steven to reflect on how the event went. For the first time the event was held in a unique hybrid format, with many different venues across the UK. The goal was to capture the benefits of in-person networking and experience, while also reducing the need to travel and, via online streaming, allowing participation from everywhere...



episode 166: Loraine Rutt: Physical geography

This week Steven chats with Loraine Rutt and for this one you’ll want to find a screen because her work is very visual. Marrying art and cartography through her pottery and sculpture, Loraine makes beautiful art with a message. Through thematic maps, journey vases, and social geography sculptures she has been able to create art that encourages conversations about climate change, poverty, and earth’s place in the universe. Her work is beautiful and fascinating, especially for map lovers...



episode 165: Ed/Steven: London recap, 2023 lookahead

With Geomob’s first event of 2023 under their belts, Steven and Ed connect to discuss plans for 2023 and the latest hot topic in the community: Overture Maps. Many questions still unanswered after the announcement earlier this month, including how the members will manage to collaborate and how will Google react? Listen in as Ed and Steven debate and make their predictions about the future of OpenStreetMap...



episode 164: Simon Poole: Perspective on OpenStreetMap

This week Ed chats with one of the most active long-time members of the OpenStreetMap community: Simon Poole. Simon has contributed to OSM in many ways over the years: as a mapper, as developer of one of the most popular editors, as a local organizer of the Swiss OSM community, as a leading member of the Legal working group, and as Chair of the OpenStreetMap Foundation board...



episode 163: Marc Prioleau: Overture Maps Foundation

Shortly before Christmas the Overture Maps Foundation was announced, a collaboration between tech giants Amazon Web Services, Meta, Microsoft, and TomTom to "create reliable, easy-to-use, and interoperable open map data". The geospatial world exploded with speculation about what this might mean for OpenStreetMap and for players like Google and Apple...



episode 162: Maxime Lenormand: Minds Behind Maps

We kick off 2023 with fellow podcaster Maxime Lenormand, a geospatial data scientist and the man behind Minds Behind Maps. Steven chats with Max about his geospatial podcast which focuses on the people who create maps. The unique thing about Minds Behind Maps is the long format. If the idea of listening to a three hour long podcast seems daunting, you’re not the only one, but Steven, a self-declared long-form sceptic, was quickly convinced it’s worthwhile...


 2023-01-02  47m

episode 161: Geomob Christmas Special

What would Christmas be without traditions? Just like in years past we offer a special episode for the holiday period. Join Steven Feldman and his band of geo-elves - Ken Field, Mark Iliffe, Denise McKenzie, Alex Wrottesley, Jeremy Morley, and Ed Parsons - as they look back on 2022 and forward to 2023...


 2022-12-25  1h45m

episode 160: Ed/Steven: BCN recap, 2022 review, 2023 goals

As the year 2022 comes to an end, Ed and Stephen reflect and look ahead to 2023. This year saw a return to in-person events with London, Tel Aviv, and Barcelona events, and Ed shares a summary of November's GeomobBCN. Chatting about the eventful year about to end, it’s impossible to leave out the effect of the war in Ukraine and the changing economic conditions. Listen to hear Ed and Stephen discuss the challenges and upsides for OpenCage and Mappery in this memorable year...


 2022-12-18  54m

episode 159: Christian Bäuerlein: ioki digital mobility

The way people get around is rapidly changing. This week’s guest Christian Bäuerlein is CTO at ioki, where they build the software behind on-demand transport solutions. The idea is to make it easy and available for all. Christian explains who the clients are, and how the service works. You’ll want to tune in to this episode if you’re interested in the evolution of the mobility space or if you love a good data horror story...


 2022-12-12  37m

episode 158: Chris Barrington Brown: D-Day Buildup

Ed chats with Chris Barrington Brown this week. Chris spoke at Geomob London in September about his ambitious retirement project: creating a digital record of the build up to D-Day. Focusing on the logistics, Chris sorts through a massive amount of information to complete the archive in time for the 100th anniversary of WWII. Ed wonders how Chris intends to preserve this data in a tech world where things are constantly evolving past their original technology...


 2022-12-05  37m