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episode 344: A Sleepy Journey through the Philippines: Part 2

Narrated by Thomas. Continue your travels on the idyllic island of Palawan, with a magical boat trip to an underground river in the second part of this three-episode series.



episode 343: A Sleepy Journey through the Philippines: Part 1

Narrated by Thomas. Begin your adventure in the vibrant capital city of Manila, and experience the local cuisine and culture in the first part of this three-episode series.



episode 342: A Soothing Sound Bath

Narrated by Thomas. Elena enjoys a unique meditative experience, relaxing to the sounds of wind chimes and singing bowls.


 2023-02-15  52m

episode 341: The Sleepy History of Roses

Narrated by Elizabeth. On a dreamy journey through myths, legends, and royal gardens, learn all about the world’s most romantic flower.


 2023-02-13  39m

episode 340: A Dreamy Date Night in Venice

Narrated by Alexa Elmy. Rose and Luca enjoy a memorable first date in the most romantic of cities.


 2023-02-08  46m

episode 339: In Search of Ancient Troy

Narrated by Thomas Jones. Take a sleepy journey through the history, mythology, and archaeological exploration surrounding the legendary city of Troy.


 2023-02-06  44m

episode 338: The London Frost Fair of 1814

Narrated by Abbe Opher. Travel back to a starry night in Georgian England and experience the wonders of a midnight fair on the frozen River Thames.


 2023-02-01  47m

episode 337: An Auspicious Meeting in the Moon Forest

Narrated by Thomas Jones. The rabbit and the cat discover the wonders of the Moon Forest in this story for Lunar New Year.


 2023-01-30  44m

episode 336: A Tranquil Day at the Beach

Narrated by Nicky Branagh-Schmidt. Return to the neighbourhood on Florence Road and join Nick and his dog, Juno, as they spend a relaxing day on the beach.


 2023-01-25  40m

episode 335: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Narrated by Thomas Jones. In 1950s England, a chance encounter on a train leads to a lifelong friendship between two musicians.


 2023-01-23  41m