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episode 23: A Tranquil Tour of Tuscany (Premium)

Relax as we adventure through the rolling Tuscan hills, known for their seemingly endless vineyards and incredibly pure olive oil. Narrated by Thomas Jones.


 2020-01-29  5m

episode 22: The River Raft (Premium)

Narrated by Abbe Opher. Katrina discovers a unique handmade raft near her family's mountain cabin and enjoys a relaxing ride on the river.


 2020-01-27  6m

episode 21: Nian the Monster (Premium)

A sleepy re-telling of a classic folk tale just in time for Chinese New Year. Narrated by Thomas Jones.


 2020-01-22  5m

episode 20: The Long Drive (Premium)

Narrated by TK Kellman. The destination is not always as sleepy as the journey. Especially tonight, as we enjoy a long car ride that's perfect to help you fall asleep.


 2020-01-20  5m

episode 19: Swimming with Dolphins (Premium)

Narrated by Thomas Jones. Evie has always dreamt of dolphins. Now, she gets to swim with them.


 2020-01-15  5m

episode 18: Little Lasse (Premium)

Narrated by Suzanne. Fall asleep to the story of a brave little boy who circles the world in a tiny boat.


 2020-01-13  6m

episode 17: Down the Mississippi (Premium)

Narrated by Simon Mattacks. Drift off to sleep as you float down the majestic Mississippi River.


 2020-01-08  5m

episode 16: Dreams of Grasmere (Premium)

Narrated by TK Kellman. Explore an enchanting town in northern England, where the art of poetry and the smell of gingerbread drift through the mountain air.


 2020-01-06  6m

episode 15: Where My Heart Lies (Premium)

Narrated by Abbe Opher. Explore a legendary Greek island as you drift off to sleep.


 2020-01-01  6m

episode 14: Rapunzel (Premium)

Narrated by TK Kellman. A sleepy re-telling of the classic fairytale. Relax and fall asleep.


 2019-12-30  6m