Ghostpuncher Corps

Ghostpuncher Corps is a tabletop roleplaying podcast in which Dungeon Mistress Lilith takes three adventurers through the comic world of Ghostpuncher. Petua, the neurotic warlock played by Amanda. Elektra, the synth bard played by Sydney. Mikey, the feral, pug-face t-shirt wearing druid played by Cassidy. These three are tasked by Lucifer herself to track down escaped souls and return them to Hell by any means necessary.



episode 2: "Ah, Nuts" vol II

On Electrocution, Law Enforcement, Donuts, and MommyBlogging


 2017-08-31  54m

episode 1: "Ah, Nuts!" Vol I

On Introductions, Winnebagos, and Nuts


 2017-08-24  58m

Ghostpuncher Corps - Primer

Listen to this one first!


 2017-08-23  49m