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episode 17: Life Eternal vol. II

The gang continues to investigate the town of Mapleville and it's many shorts-based mysteries. Mikey learns what a brand ambassador is. Yet another unsuspecting so-and-so is recruited into some possibly lethal japes. #CrossTagHashFit   Songs used...


 2018-05-31  45m

episode 16: Life Eternal vol I

 The gang returns after some much needed rest. They head to Mapleville, Montana at the direction of the Ghostpuncher herself to perform a little follow-up work after Sidney and Emma left the place in a bit of a mess. Our heroes take stock and...


 2018-05-17  1h6m

episode 15: Uncle Stickey's World's Largest Onion

Women and Mikeys be shoppin! The gang levels up and prepares for a new adventure. As discussed briefly at the end of this episode Ghostpuncher Corps will be going away for a short while after this episode. Eve is going to be resetting and recharging...


 2018-03-22  1h29m

episode 14: isawthearizonalights vol IX

The conclusion of the isawthearizonlights saga.


 2018-03-08  1h18m

episode 13: isawthearizonalights vol VIII

Peregrine Asterly is dead, the source of the mysterious lights has been discovered and we seem to be coming round the bend of the end of this adventure. With victory nearly in their grasp, how will our heroes manage to fuck this up this time? Songs...


 2018-02-22  1h34m

episode 12: isawthearizonalights vol VII

Last week our heroes trekked with Peregrine Asterley into the wilderness of Arizona to see the fabled lights. Now that crucial part of the mystery is revealed and Mikey, Petua and Elektra are set to stand off with Peregrine Asterley and defend...


 2018-02-03  56m

episode 11: isawthearizonalights vol VI

We’re back. The gang finally seems to be closing in on the mysterious Arizona Lights. Petua continues to make friends and influence people. Sometimes brunch can sneak up on you in the most unexpected places. Mikey lets Peregrine know exactly what he...


 2018-01-19  1h19m

episode 10: isawthearizonalights vol V

The gang drop on in on a particularly well gated community and make their introductions. Petua learns the gentle art of making enemies. Mikey chooses not to make friends. Elektra can't help herself. Who is the enigmatic Peregrine Asterly and what does...


 2017-12-19  1h18m

episode 9: isawthearizonalights vol IV

What lies past the rabbit hole and inside the mysterious Branton AFB? Sometimes a rock isn't just a rock. Sometimes you have to wade through the muck to get to where you want. Sometimes you get there and you're not exactly sure where it is and why...


 2017-12-07  1h20m

episode 8: isawthearizonalights vol III

A raptor awaits in the depths of the rabbit hole. Can our heroes just be chill about some stuff for just like one second? Mikey, Petua and Elektra take one shot at glory against some pretty cool dudes. Life is a drag sometimes. Songs used in this...


 2017-11-23  1h33m