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episode 21: Life Eternal vol. VI

It's a new day, yes it is. The gang have just one day to investigate and the Mapleville Midnight Bike Ride, an event that is almost assuredly a ploy to gather as many of Mapleville's cyclists in one place for decidedly murderey reasons. Can they...


 2018-08-23  1h4m

Oops! All Banter vol II

The scheduling factory had an accident and all our free gaming hours were put into life events and something called Jen Con. Syd and Eve take a few minutes to discuss a D&D campaign from time past, exciting developments from Jennifer's Convention...


 2018-08-09  21m

episode 20: Life Eternal vol V

The gang has a quiet night in at the trailer park. Petua has a friendly interaction with a human being for the first time in what feels like centuries. Mikey sleeps in a tree. Breakfast! Songs used in this episode: Suite Octodog, Lady - Eve K.K....


 2018-07-26  1h24m

episode 19: Life Eternal vol IV

The gang are back in action, looking into the mysterious disappearances of bicyclists in the Mapleville area and hunting down the elusive Astaroth. Did you know the roads are most dangerous the first hour after it rains? Songs used in this episode: ...


 2018-07-10  1h1m

Oops! All Banter vol I

Folks! Ghostpuncherinos! Ghostpuncher Nation. This is not a full length episode, nor does it have any roleplaying. We're currently going though some life stuff so Amanda and Eve sat down and recorded a fun little thing that is about 15% explanation of...


 2018-06-28  20m

episode 18: Life Eternal vol III

The gang fights tooth and nail to protect their brand ambassador/flunky as the investigation into the mysterious disappearances around Mapleville, Montana continues. Songs used in this episode: SFX used in this episode:   All songs...


 2018-06-14  46m

episode 17: Life Eternal vol. II

The gang continues to investigate the town of Mapleville and it's many shorts-based mysteries. Mikey learns what a brand ambassador is. Yet another unsuspecting so-and-so is recruited into some possibly lethal japes. #CrossTagHashFit   Songs used...


 2018-05-31  45m

episode 16: Life Eternal vol I

 The gang returns after some much needed rest. They head to Mapleville, Montana at the direction of the Ghostpuncher herself to perform a little follow-up work after Sidney and Emma left the place in a bit of a mess. Our heroes take stock and...


 2018-05-17  1h6m

episode 15: Uncle Stickey's World's Largest Onion

Women and Mikeys be shoppin! The gang levels up and prepares for a new adventure. As discussed briefly at the end of this episode Ghostpuncher Corps will be going away for a short while after this episode. Eve is going to be resetting and recharging...


 2018-03-22  1h29m

episode 14: isawthearizonalights vol IX

The conclusion of the isawthearizonlights saga.


 2018-03-08  1h18m