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Giant Bombcast 04-01-2008

Get on the yellow bus with Jeff and Ryan for another edition of the Giant Bombcast! This week we turn our eyes towards Cinnabon: The Drink, the end of superbike confusion, the problems with Liars’ Day, the off-road future of Burnout, and much more!


 2008-04-02  1h25m

Giant Bombcast 03-25-2008

It’s a veritable menagerie of idiots in this week’s Giant Bombcast as we’re joined by Alex Navarro for discussions about Grand Theft Auto IV: Greater Toronto Area, 50 Cent II: The Dollar, synthoids, the Harlem Globetrotters of pizza, and more!


 2008-03-26  1h18m

Giant Bombcast 03-18-2008

The Giant Bombcast continues its slow-motion explosion with Jeff and Ryan’s thoughts on Lost: Via Domus, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, an Ice Cube side-scroller, Guitar Hero: Beatles, Ed Boon, the flavor of Scottish girders, technofear, and more!


 2008-03-19  1h33m

Giant Bombcast 03-11-2008

In our inaugural episode of the Giant Bombcast, Ryan and Jeff discuss delicious WoW-inspired energy drinks, the hidden depth in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the brilliant filmography of Mark Dacascos, and much more.


 2008-03-12  1h42m

Arrow Pointing Down Podcast 03-04-2008

As promised, the latest episode of the Arrow Pointing Down Podcast, featuring Internet celebrities Ryan Davis, Jeff Gerstmann, and Alex Navarro! Join us as we discuss the top news stories in the world of video games, new releases, and drinks!


 2008-03-05  1h40m

Arrow Pointing Down Podcast 02-24-2008

Your new favorite podcast that is sometimes, tangentially about video games is back! This week we bask in the afterglow of GDC, guzzle horrible energy drinks, contemplate legal action against McDonald’s, and so very much more! Join us, won’t you?


 2008-02-25  1h12m

Arrow Pointing Down Podcast Beta

Welcome, and thank you for participating in the soft launch of the Arrow Pointing Down Podcast! This week, Ryan and Jeff ramble pointlessly over Skype about Gatorade, HD-DVD, GDC, and more!


 2008-02-18  1h28m