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Giant Bombcast 07-08-2008

This week’s Bombcast topics include comic books, The Force Unleashed, Unreal Tournament III, Sega Channel, everyone’s favorite raccoon shylock, piñata whacking, Donkeykong Man, Denis Dyack’s latest antics, Peter Molyneux’s Whammies, and more!


 2008-07-09  2h0m

Giant Bombcast 07-01-2008

In this week’s edition the boys discuss Diablo III, their boggling obsession with J Allard, the war of words between Treyarch and Gearbox, the latest PS3 firmware update, Denis Dyack’s internet shenanigans, Fruit Stripe Gum, and much more!


 2008-07-02  1h47m

Giant Bombcast 06-24-2008

With Vinny out of the office, Ryan, Jeff, and Brad discuss the six degrees of GuitarFreaks, the inevitable return of Razor Callahan, the truth about World of Lost Vikings, and the cure for a young child’s fear of paintings.


 2008-06-25  1h28m

Giant Spoiler Snakecast 06-19-2008

The Bomb Squad does its best to spoil Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots in this special edition of the Giant Bombcast. Seriously, if you don’t want to hear MGS4 story details, TURN BACK NOW. HERE THERE BE MONSTERS.


 2008-06-20  1h2m

Giant Bombcast 06-17-2008

The Bombcast crew talks up the latest Tecmo drama, the massive Intellisponse survey leaks, yelling at the Nintendo DS, west-coast basements, the semantics of Mega Man, and more.


 2008-06-18  1h29m

Giant Bombcast 06-10-2008

This week we discuss Nolan Bushnell’s Boogie Nights, Call of Duty 5, Harder, Faster, More Challenging Portal, Levelord’s involvement in Duke Nukem Forever, Metal Gear Solid 4, and more!


 2008-06-11  1h30m

Giant Bombcast 06-03-2008

The Giant Bombcast welcomes two new additions in this exciting episode, which includes discussion of disgusting Swedish treats, hands-on with Street Fighter IV, our begrudging excitement over Neopets, Itagaki’s dramatic departure from Tecmo, and more!


 2008-06-04  1h55m

Giant Bombcast 05-27-2008

This week we discuss the latest Xbox Live Arcade drama, the high cost of pretending to rock out in Guitar Hero: World Tour, Prince of Persia casting news, the return of Oddworld, the continued ESA exodus, the future of Mega Man, and more!


 2008-05-28  1h15m

Giant Bombcast 05-20-2008

We stay medicated in this four-player podcast as we discuss tattoo placement in Gears of War 2, a surprising musical omission in Haze, product placement in MGS4, the various uses of a rapier, Richard Pryor tapes, and much more!


 2008-05-21  1h58m

Giant Bombcast 05-13-2008

We give ourselves heart murmurs with too many energy drinks as we discuss the nuts and bolts of Banjo-Kazooie, the mashup potential of Guitar Hero IV, Super Mario Bros. 4, Lego Pulp Fiction, the semantics of Hell, and more!


 2008-05-14  1h43m