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Giant Bombcast Red Alert 3 Edition

Jeff and Ryan are joined by EALA's Amer Ajami and Greg Kasavin in this bonus podcast to discuss some of the finer points of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.


 2008-10-04  n/a

Giant Bombcast 09-30-2008

Giant Bomb designer Dave Snider joins Ryan, Brad, and Vinny to discuss Warhammer key parties, making bootleg versions of Eye of the Tiger in Guitar Hero: World Tour, droopy pipes, Return to Castle Greyskull, and much more!


 2008-10-01  2h2m

Giant Bombcast 09-23-2008

What do the first weekend of Warhammer Online, the Jenny McCarthy virus, Ice-T's MySpace page, The Sims: The Movie, Metal Gear Solid Existence, and Need for Speed: Burnout all have in common? Listen to this week's Bombcast to find out!


 2008-09-24  1h54m

Giant Bombcast 09-16-2008

The Giant Bombcast celebrates this great country of ours with discussions of Fable II, The Force Unleashed, Rock Band 2, bees, strict NATs, Transformers tech specs, Hawaiian juice, and much more!


 2008-09-17  2h4m

Giant Bombcast Spore Edition

The Giant Bomb crew pontificates about Will Wright's intergalactic life simulator, Spore.


 2008-09-13  1h9m

Giant Bombcast 09-09-2008

We celebrate the ninth anniversary of the Dreamcast and discuss Crysis Warhead, BioShock on the PS3, the musical mystery behind Killer Instinct 3, the rumored launch of the New Xbox Experience, the current state of PC piracy, and much more!


 2008-09-10  2h7m

Giant Bombcast 09-02-2008

We get back to our regularly-scheduled podcast and discuss the candy-filled fun of Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, vent about Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, speculate about Capcom's next fighting game revival, and more!


 2008-09-03  1h16m

Giant Bombcast PAX08 Edition

We wrap up day two of the 2008 Penny Arcade Exposition with special guests Rich Gallup, Alex Navarro, and Matt Rorie, as well as an inordinate amount of cursing. Cover thine virgin ears!


 2008-08-31  1h18m

Giant Bombcast 08-26-2008

This week's podcast includes Denis Dyack's sinister machinations, our absentee highlights from Leipzig, Ryan Payton's departure from Kojima Productions, the rumors about potential Halo 4 rumors, Brad's mysterious disappearance, and much more!


 2008-08-27  2h7m

Giant Bombcast 08-19-2008

This week's topics include Too Human, the terrible parents behind professional Guitar Hero players, the current state of Alan Wake, why we're not at Leipzig, and more!


 2008-08-20  1h43m