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episode 124: His Dark Materials Episode 13 - The Subtle Knife Chapters 9 and 10

Two chapters, two character reveals, many answers for our two young heroes.  Chapter 9 - Theft Chapter 10 - The Shaman --- Eliana's twitter: Eliana's reddit account: Eliana's b...



episode 123: Girls Gone Canon: ASOIAF Episode 91 - AFFC Jaime III

The twins get into one last quarrel before Jaime ventures into the Riverlands and revisits a place of import for him: Harrenhal. He's got some interesting travel companions, some who are quite quiet.   ---   Eliana's twitter:



episode 122: ASOIAF Episode 90 - AFFC Jaime II

After their father's funeral, Jaime finds that the more time he spends in King's Landing near Cersei, the further apart they become. Jaime relives a lot of history, both some he's lived through and some he's read about.  --- Eliana's twitter: https://twi...



episode 121: ASOIAF AFFC Jaime I

Jaime mourns for the family that he has clearly lost, and the man as well. --- Eliana's twitter: Eliana's reddit account: Eliana's blog:



episode 120: HIs Dark Materials Episode 12 - The Subtle Knife Chapters 7 - 8

After Lyra loses the alethiometer, Will gains his own special object at a very high price. Chapter 7 - The Rolls-Royce Chapter 8 - The Tower of the Angels --- Eliana's twitter: Eliana's reddit account: https://www.reddit....


 2020-05-01  1h42m

episode 119: ASOIAF Episode 88 - ASOS Jaime IX

Whatever he chose... --- Eliana's twitter:'s reddit account:'s blog:'s twitter:'s...


 2020-04-24  1h41m

episode 118: ASOIAF Episode 87 - ASOS Jaime VIII

Jaime reads a book and sits at a table. He calls a couple of other folks, just the Kingsguard, over to the table then deals with the brothers he did not choose.  --- Eliana's twitter:'s reddit account: https://www.r...


 2020-04-17  1h52m

episode 117: ASOIAF Episode 86 - ASOS Jaime VII

When Jaime returns to King's Landing, his king is dead, the city is changed — and so is he. --- Eliana's twitter:'s reddit account:'s blog: https://themanyfacedblog...


 2020-04-10  1h36m

episode 116: ASOIAF Episode 85 - ASOS Jaime VI

"You want her? Go get her." So he did.  ---  Eliana's twitter:'s reddit account:'s blog:'s twitter:


 2020-04-03  1h25m

episode 115: His Dark Materials Episode 11 - The Subtle Knife Chapters 5 & 6

This episode, everyone is learning: Lyra learns about burgers. Will learns about his dad. Lee learns about Grumman, and Serafina and Ruta Skadi learn about the spectres.   Chapter 5 - Airmail Paper Chapter 6 - Lighted Fliers   --- Eliana's twitt...


 2020-03-27  1h46m