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Eliana and Chloe embark on a journey through the pages of their favorite stories, explaining them through analogies to movies, literature, music, and of course, their own personal antecdotes - which range from the occasional raucous romp to the sharp wit... and of course, the dreaded pun. They're currently covering George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire POV by POV, and Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials and Book of Dust trilogies.

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episode 199: HIS DARK MATERIALS Patreon Episode: The Music of His Dark Materials with The Dust Podcast

Due to some personal life updates, we're experiencing a few production delays—but that just means all of you get bonus episodes! Our regularly scheduled episode for The Amber Spyglass will be delayed a few days, for release between September 26-28, but u...



episode 198: ASOIAF Episode 138 - ASOS Catelyn III

Robb Stark learns that it's hard to get ahead in the game of thrones. Catelyn watches her son wrestle with the questions of kingdom, honor, treason, and family when Rickard Karstark joins the ranks of people who are into killing kids.  --- Eliana's twitt...



episode 197: ASOIAF Episode 137 - ASOS Catelyn II

Robb returns to Riverrun and breaks the news: He broke his oaths to the Freys. Catelyn finds forgiveness upon her king's return though he only brings chastisement for Edmure.  --- Eliana's twitter:'s reddit account:...



episode 196: ASOIAF Episode 136 - ASOS Catelyn I

It's all downhill from here: We start on Catelyn's ASOS chapters, and they're real sad. Like very, very sad. It only gets sadder. This episode we get sad about Cat and Lysa's girlhoods and agency over women and girl's bodies.  --- Eliana's twitter: https...



episode 195: His Dark Materials - The Amber Spyglass Chapters 8-10

One murderer meets another murderer as both leave old worlds for a new one. Elsewhere, Mary bonds with the mulefa before reenacting a Hitchcock movie. CHAPTER 8 - VODKA CHAPTER 9 - UPRIVER CHAPTER 10 - WHEELS   ---   Eliana's twitter: https:/...



episode 194: ASOIAF Episode 135 - ACOK Catelyn VII featuring Manaro (of ManaroGeek TV)

Catelyn receives news about the (alleged) death of her sons. Manaro of ManaroGeek TV joins us for a tour of the sex dungeon to examine Catelyn's grief and how it changes her. While down there, Catelyn mourns by seeking answers and shooting the shit with ...


 2021-08-20  2h43m

episode 193: ASOIAF Episode 134 - ACOK Catelyn VI

Once again, Catelyn must wait while men go to war. But this time, she's not alone. She's joined by Brienne, and they discuss the various battles different people face as Catelyn contemplates duty. Links mentioned: ManaroGeek TV - Manaro's Youtube ...


 2021-08-13  1h48m

episode 192: His Dark Materials Episode 17 - The Amber Spyglass Chapters 4-7

As Lyra sleeps, the players begin moving into positions, with Asriel at the basalt fortress, the CCD deciding that murdering kids is in fact very chill, and Mary Malone is Alone but then later not alone.   CHAPTER 4 - Ama and the Bats CHAPTER 5 - Th...


 2021-08-06  2h44m

episode 191: ASOIAF Patreon Teaser E4: The Maidenvault

*********Our last Friday of the month is generally reserved for His Dark Materials, however due to a medical issue we will be releasing the next episode of The Amber Spyglass next week 8/6/21. Apologies for the delay, and be sure to tune back in next wee...


 2021-07-30  1h22m

episode 190: ASOIAF Episode 133 - ACOK Catelyn V

Catelyn and Brienne make vows. Catelyn receives the bones of the guy she used to bone and makes a few other, darker promises in her heart.  Background sounds:  Tempting Secrets by Kevin MacLeod Link:


 2021-07-23  2h11m