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Eliana and Chloe embark on a journey through the pages of their favorite stories, explaining them through analogies to movies, literature, music, and of course, their own personal antecdotes - which range from the occasional raucous romp to the sharp wit... and of course, the dreaded pun. They're currently covering George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire POV by POV, and Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials and Book of Dust trilogies.

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episode 176: ASOIAF Episode 122 - AGOT Catelyn V

Swords out for Catelyn Stark ---LINKS MENTIONED Radio Westeros - Inn at the Crossroads episode:  Lady Gwyn's essay on the Inn at the Crossroads:  Steven Att...



episode 175: ASOIAF Episode 121 - AGOT Catelyn IV

Catelyn beats everyone else to King's Landing so she can do the exposition and heavy lifting for everyone (as always). But there's no rest for the weary because Littlefinger comes calling for a meeting between him, Cat, and a spider.   ---   Eliana'...



episode 174: The Book of Dust Episode 7 - La Belle Sauvage Chapters 18-20

As the flood rages, Malcolm and Alice seek safety for themselves and Lyra in many places yet fail to find it, risking losing her at every turn.   CHAPTER 18 - LORD MURDERER CHAPTER 19 - THE POACHER CHAPTER 20 - THE SISTERS OF HOLY OBEDIENCE   --- ...



episode 173: ASOIAF Episode 120 - AGOT Catelyn III

In the midst of her grief-induced stupor, Cat meets a catspaw who injures her catspaw. After resting and returning to life, she realizes that someone must tell them at King's Landing and she knows just the woman for the job.  --- Eliana's twitter: https:...



episode 172: ASOIAF Episode 119 - AGOT Catelyn II

What's in the box, Catelyn? The plot. Marital problems. Lies. Mostly the plot. ---Eliana's twitter:'s reddit account:]Eliana's blog:


 2021-03-12  1h48m

episode 171: ASOIAF Episode 118 - AGOT Catelyn I & Intro

The earliest chapter that Girls Gone Canon has covered, Catelyn's chapters help us wade into the world of Westeros while setting the stage for the players of this game, including her own and her relationship with Ned.  --- Eliana's twitter: https://twitt...


 2021-03-05  1h17m

episode 170: The Book of Dust Episode 6 - La Belle Sauvage Chapters 15-17

Sister Fenella falls, and so does the dam. The Great Flood is here, sweeping Malcolm, Alice and Lyra off to an adventure, taking us from the first part of the book to the second.   Chapter 15 - The Potting Shed Chapter 16 - The Pharmacy Chapter 17...


 2021-02-26  1h54m

episode 169: ASOIAF Episode 117 - ADWD Davos IV & OUTRO

He was a better smuggler than a knight, a better knight than lord, a better lord than Hand, and a better Hand than a husband. The final Davos chapter in the published series, ending our journey with the onion knight and ending the mummer's farce. But bef...


 2021-02-19  2h2m

episode 168: ASOIAF Episode 116 - ADWD Davos III

All of White Harbor is a stage, but no one has given Davos the script...Thankfully, Davos Seaworth is a decent improvisor. Battle inspiration from ThunderClap: A thank you to the follow...


 2021-02-12  1h32m

episode 167: ASOIAF Episode 115 - ADWD Davos II

White Harbor has changed  in the last six years - is it for the better, or for the worse? Davos feels conflicted as he decides for himself.Adam Feldman's analysis on:Tyrion in ADWD:


 2021-02-05  1h36m