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episode 97: ASOIAF Episode 74 - ADWD Jon VIII

Jon sends Val off on an adventure with big hopes that she comes back. When he returns to his quarters, he meets a frosty welcome from three not-so-wise men who have some opinions about the direction of the Night's Watch.  ------- Eliana's twitter: https:...



episode 98: His Dark Materials S1E5: "The Lost Boy"

The Girls face a few disappointments as we barrel toward the end of Season One in His Dark Materials.  But where there is darkness, there is also light - except maybe not for the Costa Family.  Come get teary for Billy Costa (and plead justice for Tony M...



episode 96: His Dark Materials S1E4: "Armor"

Two protagonists join Lyra's party - but at first, not so willingly. Meet Lee Scoresby, Iorek, and also - Kaisa!   Check out Lo's piece on Nordic influence in His Dark Materials:



episode 94: ASOIAF Episode 73 - ADWD Jon VII

Time is a flat circle: Jon takes a new set of recruits beyond the Wall to say their vows, despite the danger. When he returns to Castle Black, a message awaits him, rekindling un-brotherly temptation.  --- Eliana's twitter:



episode 95: His Dark Materials S1E3 - "The Spies"

After a near-miss escaping Mrs. Coulter's apartment, Lyra joins some familiar faces: The gyptians. With them, she learns more about her past finally begins heading north. Meanwhile, Mrs. Coulter and Lord Boreal continue their respective searches. 



episode 93: His Dark Materials S1E2: "The Idea of North"

Lyra leaves Jordan College for London with the hopes of finding Roger, instead finding Ruth Wilson's incredible performance as Mrs. Coulter.   Tune in for some info on the alethiometer, visual and character analysis, takes on how the episode went—and ...



episode 92: ASOIAF Episode 72 - ADWD Jon VI

 --- Eliana's twitter: Eliana's reddit account: Eliana's blog: Chloe's twitter: Chloe's blog: www.liesa...



episode 91: HIs Dark Materials Episode 8 - Northern Lights/The Golden Compass Chapters 21-23

Finally, the end of the first book, here at the end of the world... this world... and perhaps the beginning of a next. But what will it take to bridge the gap? Sacrifice. Oblation.  Chapter 21 - Lord Asriel's Welcome Chapter 22 - Betrayal Chapter 23 - Br...



episode 90: His Dark Materials S1E1: Lyra's Jordan

Spiral into an all spoilers cast on everything in (and out) of Lyra's world. Find out what the girls liked (and didn't), and pour one out for Tony Makarios, who will never get the screentime he deserves.   -------------------------- Eliana's twit...



episode 89: Girls Gone Canon ASOIAF Episode 71 - ADWD Jon V

Food is scarce and tensions are high. You can take the "free" from the folk, but you can't take the north from them - and Jon knows that, more than any other leader in Westeros.  ---Eliana's twitter:'s reddit accoun...