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      Episode #44: “The Need for Overwhelming Sensation” by Bogi Takács

      The Need for Overwhelming Sensation

      by Bogi Takács


      I am staring at the face from a thousand newscasts—the gentle curve of jaw, the almost apologetic smile. Miran Anyuwe is not explaining policy. Miran Anyuwe is bleeding from a head wound, drops falling tap-tap-tap on the boarding ramp of our ship, the sound oddly amplified by the geometry of the cramped docking bay bul...



      Episode 43: “In Search of Stars” by Matthew Bright

      Hello! Welcome to GlitterShip episode 43 for August 20, 2017. This is your host, Keffy, and I'm super excited to be sharing this story with you.

      It's a little bit late (oops!) but we finally have the Summer 2017 issue of GlitterShip available for you to read and enjoy! As before, all of the stories will be podcast and posted on the website over the next couple of months. However, if you'd like to get a head start reading the stories and support GlitterShip, you can purchase copies...



      Episode #42: “The Passing Bell” by Amy Griswold

      Episode 42 is part of the Spring 2017 issue!

      Support GlitterShip by picking up your copy here:


      The Passing Bell

      by Amy Griswold


      My hired horse threw a shoe between Bristol and Bath, and by the time the wearying business of getting another nailed on was complete the shadows were gr...



      Episode #41: “A Spell to Signal Home” by A.C. Buchanan

      Episode 41 is part of the Spring 2017 issue!

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      A Spell to Signal Home

      by A.C. Buchanan




      The voice is at once close beside me and yet muted, as if the sound i...



      Episode #40: Fiction by Nicky Drayden and Pear Nuallak


      Episode 38 is part of the Spring 2017 issue!

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      She Shines Like a Moon

      by Pear Nuallak


      It's cold in London but you glow with warmth. You travel limbless and limned from your core, throat crossed with black silk just as it was in your first days. Yes, y...



      Episode #39: “Mercy” by Susan Jane Bigelow

      Hello! Welcome to GlitterShip episode 39. This is your host, Keffy, and I'm super excited to be sharing this story with you.

      GlitterShip is still running a little bit behind, but we're almost caught up ... just in time for me to run off to Ohio for a week and a half to get surgery. Those who know me won't be surprised to hear this, but essentially after years of waiting, more crowdfunding (since insurance wouldn't deign to cover gender affirming surgery despite NY state laws, ugh),...



      Episode #38: “Lessons From a Clockwork Queen” by Megan Arkenberg

      Lessons From A Clockwork Queen

      by Megan Arkenberg


      It was Bethany's job to wind the queen. Every morning she woke in the blue-pink dawn before the birds sang, slipped out from under her quilt and took down the great silver winding key that hung over her bed. Then she wrapped herself in her dressing gown and padded up the long, cold tower stair to the room where the queen was kept. She...



      Episode #37: “The Little Dream” by Robin M. Eames

      The Little Dream

      by Robin M. Eames

      She feels the pain before she fully wakes up, stuck in that half-space between slumber and cold daylight. For a moment she doesn't understand. Pain. A bone-deep ache—no, deeper than her bones. Soul-deep. Her eyes crack open.

      Fuck, it's freezing.

      Sylvia closes her eyes again, opens them, glares balefully at the open window. She waves a hand, hoping for a little miracle, for everything to fall into place, but ...



      Episode #36: “How to Remember to Forget to Remember the Old War” by Rose Lemberg

      Hello! Welcome to GlitterShip episode 36 for April 13, 2017. This is your host, Keffy, and I'm super excited to be sharing this story for you. Today we have a return of Rose Lemberg, whose story "Stalemate" was published in episode 7. This is the last story for the Winter 2017 issue, and Spring 2017 is right around the corner! We also have a guest reader, Rose Fox, for this episode.

      Rose Lemberg is a queer, bigender immigrant from...



      Episode #35: “Cooking with Closed Mouths” by Kerry Truong

      Cooking with Closed Mouths

      by Kerry Truong

      A gumiho could run faster than shadows spread, but since Ha Neul doubted that Americans would take kindly to a nine-tailed fox streaking down Los Angeles’ busy streets, they opted to walk to the bus stop in the falling darkness after work.

      The cool night air was a relief after the hot confines of Mrs. Chang’s restaurant, where Ha Neul had spent the day carrying heavy dis...