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episode 46: Episode #65: "A Memory of Wind" by Susan Jane Bigelow

Episode 65 is part of the Spring 2018 issue! Support GlitterShip by picking up your copy here:   A Memory of Wind Susan Jane Bigelow   Yeni looked up at the right time, just for a single moment, and she saw a girl fly past...


 2019-01-01  39m

episode 45: Episode #64: "Sabuyashi Flies" by Sebastian Strange

    Episode 64 is a GLITTERSHIP ORIGINAL and is part of the Spring 2018 issue! Support GlitterShip by picking up your copy here:     Sabuyashi Flies by Sebastian Strange   Sofie Faucher advertised her solution to the age-...


 2019-01-01  36m

episode 44: Episode #63: "Gravedigging" by Sarah Goldman

GRAVEDIGGING by Sarah Goldman   When I woke up, I noticed first that Clarissa was there, because she was always the first thing I noticed. I noticed three things immediately after that: it was dark, I could feel dirt under my fingers, and my mouth tasted...


 2019-01-01  40m

episode 43: Episode #62: "Stories My Body Can Tell" by Alina Sichevaya

Stories My Body Can Tell by Alina Sichevaya   My mama used to tell me I was born screaming, sticky, and uglier than every sin she’d ever known, which was all of them. I still like to remember that. Gives me a warm feeling in my stomach. Especially when i...


 2018-11-26  24m

episode 42: GlitterShip Episode #61: "To Touch the Sun Before it Fades" by Aimee Ogden

To Touch the Sun Before it Fades by Aimee Ogden Mariam watches a week of night roll toward her. On Pluto, the Sun is only a spectacularly bright star. It’s easy to pick out, hanging low in the sky—only just visible in the domed window in the hub of Sagac...


 2018-11-13  19m

episode 41: Episode #60: "Unstrap Your Feet" by Emma Osborne

Unstrap Your Feet by Emma Osborne     The mud on your legs covers you from knees to toes so I can’t quite tell where the soft leather of your boots meets your flesh until blood blooms from your ankles. I offer you wine. You take a long sip and hand me ba...


 2018-11-09  21m

episode 40: Episode #59: "Never Alone, Never Unarmed" by Bobby Sun

Never Alone, Never Unarmed by Bobby Sun   The fighting spider sat heavily in Kian Boon’s left palm, where he’d knocked it from its leafy abode. It was maybe a centimeter and a half from the tip of its pedipalps to the silky spinnerets of its abdomen, bla...


 2018-10-30  32m

episode 39: Episode #58: “The City of Kites and Crows” by Megan Arkenberg

In the City of Kites and Crows By Megan Arkenberg   1. When you breathe deeply, really push the air from your lungs and let the cold valley wind ...


 2018-09-04  26m

episode 38: Episode #57: “You Inside Me” by Tori Curtis

You Inside Me by Tori Curtis   It'll be fun, he'd said. Everyone's doing it. You don't have to be looking for romance, it's just a good way ...


 2018-07-04  41m

episode 37: Episode #56: Njàbò by Claude Lalumière

Njàbò by Claude Lalumière   Njàbò, my only child, my daughter, walks with me. She is as old as the forest, while I was born but three and ...


 2018-06-06  39m