GlitterShip is an LGBTQ SF&F fiction podcast - bringing you audio versions of great queer science fiction & fantasy short stories!

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episode 77: Episode 77: "The Quiet Realm of the Dark Queen" by Jenny Blackford

And here’s the RSS feed: Episode 77 is part of the Autumn 2018 issue! Support GlitterShip by picking up your copy here: The Quiet Realm of the Dark Queen by Jenny Blackford     Dumu...


 April 1, 2020  51m

episode 57: Episode #76: "Of Clockwork Hearts and Metal Iguanodons" by Jennifer Lee Rossman

Of Clockwork Hearts and Metal Iguanodons By Jennifer Lee Rossman   They weren't real, but they still took my breath away. The model dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasties lived on and swam in the waters around three islands in Hyde Park. Enormous t...


 June 24, 2019  29m

episode 56: GlitterShip Episode #75: "The Chamber of Souls" by Zora Mai Quýnh

The Chamber of Souls by Zora Mai Quỳnh     Today it is announced that our quarantine is over and our refugee camp sufficiently detoxified to enter the Waterlands of Lạc, the home of our rescuers. Cheers and song rise in the air as the airship descend...


 June 20, 2019  39m

episode 55: Episode 74: "Best for Baby" by Rivqa Rafael

Best for Baby by Rivqa Rafael When I jack in, I shove the plug into its socket harder than I should. The disconnect–reconnect tone combination sounds; the terminal is as grumpy as I am. Who wouldn’t be? I’ve been kept back late in the lab to finish a...


 June 17, 2019  26m

episode 54: Episode #73: Désiré by Megan Arkenberg

Désiréby Megan Arkenberg   From Albert Magazine's interview with Egon Rowley: April 2943             Egon Rowley: It was the War that changed him. I remember the day we knew it. [A pause.] We all knew it, that morning. He came to our table in the co...


 June 13, 2019  45m

episode 53: Episode #72: "Raders" by Nelson Stanley

Raders by Nelson Stanley   They called themselves the Raders, and if you didn’t know, you’d swear that they were waiting for something: a bunch of boyed-up cookers, second-string hot hatches and shopping trollies adorned with bazzing body-kits parked...


 June 10, 2019  33m

episode 52: Episode #71: "Barbara in the Frame" by Emmalia Harrington

Barbara in the Frame by Emmalia Harrington       Bab’s stomach growled for the third time in five minutes. “You were right,” she said, pushing away from her desk, “It’s time for a break.” Summer classes meant papers and tests smashed close together. ...


 April 18, 2019  34m

episode 51: Episode #70: "The Girl With All The Ghosts" by Alex Yuschik

The Girl With All the Ghosts by Alex Yuschik   It’s her second-to-last Friday night at Six Resplendent Suns Funeral Palace and House of the Dead, and Go-Eun is getting terrible reception on her cell. Part of it’s because everyone’s on the network, bu...


 April 12, 2019  36m

episode 50: Episode #69: "Ratcatcher" by Amy Griswold

Ratcatcher by Amy Griswold       1918, over Portsmouth The souls in the trap writhed and keened their displeasure as Xavier picked up the shattergun. “Don’t fuss,” he scolded them as he turned on the weapon and adjusted his goggles, shifting the ear...


 April 5, 2019  36m

episode 49: Episode #68: "These Are the Attributes By Which You Shall Know God" by Rose Lemberg

These Are the Attributes By Which You Shall Know God by Rose Lemberg   Father is trying to help me get into NASH. He thinks that seeing a real architect at work will help me with entrance exams. So father paid money, to design a house he does not wan...


 March 18, 2019  19m